2020 Work From Home Guide For Working Remotely

2020 Work From Home: Guide For Working Remotely

2020 Work From Home:-The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has changed the world abruptly. It has totally altered the economic structure of the world. Most of people all around the globe are at their homes locked down in their houses. Some are doing it because of State orders and some are doing it voluntarily. The situation is such that it was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization

The best possible way to slow down the spread of this global outbreak or in other words, to ‘flatten the curve’, we have to practice social distancing. It just means reducing close contact with people other than your immediate family. How can you do that? Just stay at your home! Yes, it is that easy. Staying at our respective residences can greatly help to prevent the spreading of this deadly infection. 

While most of the businesses relating to manufacturing, retailing and traveling temporarily shut down, some of them like the content industries and online tech start-ups still continue to operate. Of course, the only option left for them is to work from home, no matter what position you hold in your respective company. 

Now, most of companies and the Government is appreciating it and also anticipating that the work from home culture in India and globally is going to be a success even after things become normal as it helps in conserving a lot of money and resources

However, some people do not find it easy to work from home because productivity, laziness and mindset become important factors. This is something that cannot be discounted as no matter what, you just cannot match the environment that an office creates. Also, some of us who are working from home also have kids, so things become even more challenging. 

But don’t you worry as we have found out 10 ways for you to be productive and efficient while working from home during this lockdown. 

10 Tips To Manage Work From Home Effectively

1. Find a Work Space

People working from home often think that they can enjoy working from any part of their house as they like. This often tends to make you lazy and more importantly unwilling to work. 

So, it is always advisable to designate a particular workspace for yourself. You do not need anything fancy, just an ergonomic chair and a small table would do. This place that you are setting up for working should be quiet and also well lit. 

Sitting down at the work place will send a clear message to your brain that you are working and therefore it will keep you more focussed. Also, stay away from this place when you are not working. 

Additionally, make sure that your work space is at such a place where the internet is reliable and distractions are minimum. 

2. Set a Schedule 

I cannot stress enough the importance of setting and following a well-designed schedule. It can surely improve your efficiency and make you more productive than ever. 

So, instead of doing what your mind says or just going about a vague plan, set a daily schedule and stick it or put it in some place from where it is visible to you. The schedule must be in written form and it must be in a proper format. 

There should be a detailed plan and a to-do list for the day that needs to be followed punctually. 

3. Get Ready 

It is really necessary to go about a normal morning routine when you are working from home. This is because when most people work from home, they tend to wake up late which delays the start of the work. Also, psychologically, afternoons make us a bit lazy and slow so it is important to start the day a little early and get an important part of the work done by Lunch. 

So, go about a normal routine, do your morning chores, work-outs and other stuff. Take a bath and wear some clothes that are comfortable but will give you an ‘office feeling’. Following this tip has helped a lot of people working from home because it is simply some basic mind training. 

4. Set Work Hours 

Yes, I know one of the major advantages of Work from home is flexible timings. However, in the long run, if you want to be really productive and efficient throughout, setting work hours are really important. Yes, they do not have to be really rigid like office hours but they need to exist. 

Not working at all after a certain period of time, really helps you to rest well and then come again fully energetic the next day. The ‘two-hour afternoon breaks’ or naps and then to compensate for them by working late slows up the work process. So, it is better to work according to a set routine. 

5. Plan Out Your Meals 

Plan out your meals for the day and the time at which you will be having them. Do make sure that you do not at all eat your lunch or snack while sitting at the workspace. 

Find some other place to eat your meals and try to enjoy them with your family or maybe watching television. Also, keep in mind that you will be returning to work soon so eat light or just whatever you will eat at your office. 

6. Move Around

Make sure you keep taking short movement breaks and some walks inside the house. Remember, you are not in your office, so there will not be usual frequent walks to the water purifier or the canteen to have your cup of coffee. 

Also, sitting whole day in the couch or even in a chair can give you long-term back injuries so the moving around breaks become even more important. 

7. Use Headphones 

If you are living with your partner or kids or even your parents, there will be some sort of noisy distractions whatsoever. So, invest in a pair of good headphones that are noise-cancelling and are comfortable for your ear as you have to use them a lot. 

Also, some light music will also keep your mind fresh and concentrated on the work. 

8. For Parents 

As we know, the schools and colleges are also closed for an indefinite period as of now. So, there will be children around when you will try to work. So, try planning some study or some fun activity schedule for them while you work. 

Also, one partner can be with the kids while the other one’s working if your children are below the age of 5 and need your care. 

Moreover, it is really important to spend time with your children during your breaks. For instance, you can have lunch with your kids a little early and then a little later your partner can do the same. This way, the kids are occupied and are looked after as well. 

9. Distractions

It is really easy to get distracted while you are working from home. A single notification on the phone can keep you tuned in the social media for hours. 

So, follow the rule of switching off from social media when you are working. (Follow this religiously) Social media is full of content that is really distracting and can be a huge time waste for you. 

Additionally, keep the television off while you are working and listen to some music instead if it helps. 

10. Communicate 

Communicate with your colleagues and other friends as well that you used to do in the office. It could be a short call or some chats. Talking and joking with your friends really lifts your mood which again helps you to work harder. 

Also, for professional purposes, you can use some video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts for meetings with clients or even work team. Video calls really help in making things clear and having a better and clearer conversation. 

Be Happy

Lastly, be happy. Yes, just feel blessed that you are so lucky that even during a pandemic, you are sitting in your house and are able to work. There are people in the world who are out of work for an indefinite period of time and are even finding it hard to get two meals a day for themselves and their loved ones. 

Then, there are people who have been infected by the Novel Coronal Virus and are fighting to live in the world that some of us are complaining about. Do not just follow the lockdown because it is a Government order, follow it because you care for your family and the society and staying home will help all of them. 


Now, we are at a point of time where things aren’t that clear and we do not have the whole idea of how things will shape in the near future. So, Work from home becomes important as it is an essential part of the ‘Stay Home’ life. 

It may be difficult and maybe even irritating for the first few days but after some 2-3 weeks, you will become familiar with your new lifestyle and chances are that you may even start to like it.

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