4 Effective Tools to Ease Your Wordpress Journey

4 Effective Tools to Ease Your WordPress Journey

WordPress Journey – WordPress is a tremendously popular blogging platform with nearly 34% of the internet users marking their presence on this blogging platform itself. The reason behind the mass popularity of WordPress is the simplistic, affordable and quick pace of the platform. 

Having said that, pursuing blogging as a career isn’t as simple as it seems. It requires much more than just being consistent in your work. With several people jumping on the bandwagon, what can actually drive you to be a successful blogger is quality, persistence, visibility and continuity. Hence, to steer clear of any hindrances in your wordpress journey, it is essential to upgrade your creative quotient by enhancing the quality of your work, increasing your productivity without being restricted by time constraints.  

This objective can be largely accomplished by adopting various tools that come in the form of software programs, services and plugins primarily designed to enrich the work experience of bloggers and help accentuate the quality of their content. Such productivity tools are a real blessing for wordpress users as they help reduce your workload and boost efficiency at the same time favoring your growth in the long run.  

Enlisted below are some incredible tools that will have a far reaching impact on your work while helping you actualize your target goals in the form of better sales, traffic, user engagement and conversions. 

1. Wordable 

Tools to Ease Your WordPress Journey

Working as a blogger you are on a constant editing spree; writing, adding images, and links to your content. Copying from Google documents and pasting to the wordpress editor is a part and parcel of your routine. However, it may entail a loss of original formatting in the due process affecting the quality of the finished product. This is where wordable may come to your rescue. 

Wordable helps you export content with the formatting intact as a draft to your wordpress blog at the click of a finger. Aside from taking care of your formatting woes, Wordable helps save your time as well.  

Another similar software is WP export that works on similar lines. 

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2. Trello 

Trello-Plugin For WordPress website

Trello is another tool that can help you organize your work efficiently and maximize your management capabilities with the help of boards, lists and cards. Also, it is a very basic tool that is free of cost and doesn’t require any expertise as such. 

Trello allows users to organize their work by creating projects at board level, strategizing project work at list level and creating a day to day checklist, do’s and dont’s at card level. This lets the users keep a track of the status and progress of projects, interact with the members of their team and add comments as well.  An added advantage is the variety of interfaces it offers. 

Another application that can help you take note of even the minutest things is Evernote. It works smoothly and has added tracking and audio note features. 

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3. Yoast Seo

Yoast Seo Plugin For WordPress SEO

One cannot stress enough on the importance of Search Engine Optimization when it comes to achieving success in your blogging career. SEO enriched content drives a major portion of website traffic from organic searches itself which in turn helps generate higher engagement rates and conversions. 

Yoast SEO is a plugin that will act as your personal SEO executive and help perk up the SEO within your WordPress content. It highlights every essential component of SEO practices including internal linking, backlinking, meta tags, site maps, Title tags, and even mobile indexing to name a few. 

Yoast not only lets the user understand the requirements before a particular post is published, but also supplements a score for SEO metrics and potential ways to fix the loopholes. 

 It enables you to 

  • Link your article to similar articles on your own blog and help in interlinking; saving a lot of time and effort.  
  • Check for any change of URLs
  • Redirect your articles to avoid any broken links on your website
  • Connect your site to Google Search Console

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4. Analytify

Analytify Plugin for wordpress analytics

Usually, bloggers use Google Analytics to measure the performance of their blog on the internet. However, it is a tedious and time consuming process. Analytify is one such tool that simplifies this complex process by providing data about key metrics on a dashboard. It furnishes valuable measurements such as bounce rates, page views, organic searches, unique users,  e-commerce, traffic, etc. without moving from your WordPress account. 

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