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Best Micro Influencer platform India

Influencer Marketing is the newest and the most effective way to create  buzz about a brand on the internet by giving it the much-needed online exposure and thus, improving its reputation. Especially in a country like India, an influencer marketing platform becomes more of a necessity as a major part of the online audience is the youth, whose purchasing pattern is highly influenced by the social media influencers. 

Letsinfluence is one of the leading Influencer Marketing agencies in India, which aims to help brands reach their target audiences, through the finest social media talents out there. We as an agency, makes sure all the parts of the campaign set-up are well coordinated which are conceived by creating and implementing an effective influencer marketing strategy.

Our team makes sure that the content that goes out as the end product is of top-notch quality, which is achieved by customizing Influencer marketing campaigns for each brand, coupled with data driven strategies. The focus is on establishing relationships with brands and influencers and thus, assuring high Return on Investment for the brand.The process involves the following three steps:

Marketing Opportunities– Getting notified instantly about new campaigns that match the Client’s style and audience. Growing their social media profile with every brand marketing opportunity.

Collaborations and Campaigns- We offer regular opportunities for brand collaboration and knowing how to create a brand for yourself by connecting to the right demographic.

Analytics and Insights-  See who your followers really are, and get personality insights on all of your social media accounts, by analyzing engagement, views and other essential stats.

We specialize in working with brands for movie integrations, web series integrations, and Influencer Marketing. Be it promoting a new product, strategizing a campaign plan to boost online presence, or just increasing general traction on the internet, we have successfully maneuvered our client to reach their desired goal. Everyone is unique, and to formulate their Identity with the requisite demographic by connecting the voice of new-age influencers and hence creating stunning campaigns.

We are driven by the passion to create an equal work distributed community with wages similar from top to bottom level. This is done by bridging the gap between influencers, micro influencers & niche/starter influencers. We believe that each of these profiles have some core offerings which the other level of the community can’t offer, thus it provides us a chance to create a standardized and more structured community. This is why we are considered as one of the bests in the Indian Influencer Marketing scene. Having successfully created over 500 campaigns for 50+ brands, in the process we have helped over 2500 influencers to monetize their social media content through brand deals, social media campaigns and paid posts.

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