6 Tips to Become a Social Media Influencer

6 Tips to Become a Social Media Influencer

Every industry has influencers. Think of any industry: education, food, travel, marketing. There are people who have a strong and engaged fan base. They are the trendsetters in their industry; people follow them and trust their advice. An influencer is an expert.

Can anyone be an influencer?

The answer is yes! Being an influencer requires commitment and sincerity. The good news is, you have a shot at becoming one too. Social media has the power to make anyone a global star. Many of these stories seem to be those of overnight success owing to a piece of viral content. Let me burst your bubble… they are not so. Behind the success story lies the investment of time and effort. Being an influencer is all about mindset and attitude. It can be a long and harrowing journey, but the end is gratifying, rewarding and is worth the struggle.

In today’s post, I will share 6 tips to get you started on the journey to become an influencer. Let’s get started:

Tip 1: Be Everywhere…

And I mean everywhere. Is there a social media platform you haven’t explored, give it a shot. Every platform, online or offline, social media or otherwise is an opportunity worth exploring. It makes sense if you think about it: People like reading text, listening to audio and watching videos. If you do all 3 eventually, you will tap into new audiences, new followers who are waiting for someone like you to share their story. When people see you everywhere, they perceive you as a brand, someone to be reckoned with and someone who is an expert.

Tip 2: Give Interviews and Guest Post

Bloggers are always looking for new content, a fresh scoop, the next big story. You might not believe it but you could be that story. Reach out to bloggers, tell them your story, ask them if they can feature you on their website. This is a great way to get noticed as an authoritative figure and build a clout.

Tip 3: Maintain Your Social Media Profiles

This is not as obvious as it seems. Since you want to be a social media influencer, you may think you already have a stellar profile. Think about this, every post you publish, your every tweet and comment is in the pubic eye now. Your social media activity is a part of the influence you are cultivating. It is important to use social media with the right attitude and be humble on social media. In these times, one wrong move can spell disaster.

Tip 4: Read Industry Specific Books

As I write this point, I can imagine mixed reactions to this point. It’s true, books are an important source of knowledge. People have compiled their years of experience and filled those blank pages with words of wisdom for your benefit. It is not easy to learn from every knowledgeable person on this planet, but you can still obtain their knowledge and have a guiding force like a mentor.

Tip 5: Meet with People Personally

Your impulse might say, it is easy enough to reach out to people on a messaging platform. I am here to remind you, what you can accomplish in am hour of conversation, you cannot accomplish in a year on correspondence. Meet people personally, no matter how much of a big shot you become. I say this for 2 reasons: First, those discussions over coffee can be riveting and potentially your next big break. There is nothing like a spirited exchange of words and ideas between two people. Second, people get a kick from it. People remember meeting famous people. When you meet people, you really get to know them, connect with them, share memories with them. It is indeed a solid way to establish a strong presence.

Tip 6: Build Healthy Relationships

The need to communicate, connect and build relationships is human. Business is about building relationships, social media is a way to build relationships and people want to build relationships with people. True influence comes from building a strong connect with your fan base. Build strong relationships, build a community by showing them you CARE.

Interact with your followers, respond to their messages, reply to their emails and show your appreciation.

Final Thoughts

Being an influencer is about building a community of followers who trust you. It is about connecting with people who will become advocates for you, tell other people in their circles about you and grow your channel.

Becoming an influencer is not about likes, comments and shares, those are just the metrics. It is about hustle, passion, perseverance, mindset and a “I want to help you” attitude that shows you CARE about others.