Macro-influencers: Who are They?

Macro-influencers: Who are They?

The photo and video sharing platform Instagram has grown to over a billion active monthly users. As a result, companies are allocating more marketing budget to Instagram influencer marketing. Businesses are looking to collaborate with macro-influencers on social media to promote their brand and reach millions of people.

Who is a Macro-influencer?

Macro-influencers are users who have a substantially large following on any particular social media channel like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. These are social media influencers who have been building a fan following for a long time. They are often veterans in the influencer marketing industry. Macro-influencers have the ability to spread a brand’s message on an impactful scale and engage a large audience. They are trendsetters and tastemakers in the industry, they are experts and KOLs which make them a powerful medium for promotions.

Why Work with Macro-influencers?

Reach: Macro-influencers have a significantly higher reach as compared to micro-influencers. According to a case study by Mediakix, macro-influencers have 22 times greater reach than micro-influencers. This difference in reach is truly profound and offers many advantages for brands looking to maximize the visibility of the campaign.

Audience: Macro-influencers reach out to a large audience that is diverse in nature. This is ideal for brands looking to reach a wide variety of people from different walks of life.

Campaign Management: Brands may only need to work with a handful of macro-influencers or maybe only one for a particular campaign. Managing such campaigns is easier than working with a large band of micro-influencers to achieve the same reach as one macro-influencer. Choosing influencers requires a lot of time. Additionally, communicating and coordinating with each new influencers requires time, slowing down the process considerably. Moreover, managing multiple influencers increases the probability of mistakes and errors. As a result, macro-influencer campaigns offer an efficient allocation of time and resources.

Experience & Professionalism: Most macro-influencers have been playing the game for a long time. They understand how brand collaborations work and what is expected of them. There is a sense of great professionalism that is often missing in micro-influencers.

Final Thoughts

Macro-influencers are social media influencers with a wide audience. They have been associated with the influencer marketing industry for a long time. They are professional and experienced with brand collaborations making them an effective medium for an influencer marketing campaign.