Why and How You Should Hire Instagram Influencers?

Why and How You Should Hire Instagram Influencers?

It is the age of the smart buyer. People shop online like never before, they do their research on how, what, where to buy. Today’s consumer doesn’t blindly trust ads rather there is a growing weariness with the increased number of ads. People look for recommendations from people they trust, i.e. influencers. Given this situation, influencer marketing is the best bet for a business to showcase their products and services to their potential buyers. Today, we will talk about why and how you should hire Instagram influencers?

Why hire Instagram influencers?

Instagram is one of the most highly rated social media networks in the world with 1 billion active monthly users. The photo-sharing platform has excellent engagement rates and there are many creative methods to pursue Instagram influencer marketing. Given Instagram’s popularity among people, it is a good idea to collaborate with the best Instagram influencers out there.

How to find the right Instagram Influencers?

When looking to hire Instagram influencers, it is important to find the ones that fit with the values of your brand and appeal to your target audience. Here are a few tips to identify the right Instagram influencers for your next campaign:

Sort the influencers by niche

It is worth remembering that these influencers specialize in a particular domain like fashion, fitness, music or something else. For successfully executing Instagram influencer marketing campaigns, find influencers who create engaging and unique content on a regular basis. Influencers who bring original thought and creativity in their content are the ones the audience follows diligently.

Do your due diligence

When choosing an Instagram influencer, find out as much as you can about them even if you don’t know them personally. Look at the number of followers and the engagement levels. Find out if they have worked with brands on Instagram influencer marketing campaigns before and get some specifics. This will help later when deciding the terms of the collaborations and setting expectations for the campaign.

Connecting with the chosen influencers

Once you have decided the influencers, utilize your personal connections, if any exist to reach out to them. You need something to break the ice with these influencers, show appreciation for their work as you have chosen them because you liked them.

Next, decide how you want to reach out to them. Do they have a preferred method of communication or can you reach them via email? When you do reach out to the influencers, tell them how it is beneficial for them too and how your collaboration will be a win-win situation.

Few stratagems for successful Instagram influencer marketing campaigns

  • Influencer collaborations are a marathon, not a sprint: It is important to develop a relationship with influencers for successful collaborations in the long run. This means, engaging with the influencers’ posts and comments to start with. The temptation to work with every influencer will present itself but the wiser decision would be to collaborate with the same influencers multiple times. This makes the promotions more authentic and fosters trust between the two parties.
  • Choose engagement over follower count: In order to get maximum reach for your Instagram influencer marketing campaign, brands often look to collaborate with celebrities with millions of followers. This is not always feasible due to budget constraints and or simply because they are unreachable at times. You can collaborate with micro-influencers instead, these are accounts with a 5-digit follower count but extremely engaging and relevant for their audience.
  • Think collaborative growth: If your brand is still in the early stages of growth, hire Instagram influencers who are also looking to grow. Over multiple successful collaborations, both the brand and the influencer will grow to form an authentic partnership.

Signing off with an example

Chrissy Tiegen frequently features the diaper brand Pampers in her posts on Instagram. Have a look at some of the posts, notice the number of comments and likes

In her posts, she frequently talks about how she loves actually using the product for her kids.

Final thoughts

When looking to hire Instagram influencers, think of the long-term results and focus on building relationships. Influencer marketing is more than paying someone to promote a sponsored post on their account. Be creative and thoughtful while executing a campaign because you need to present your brand in the best possible manner to ensure it stands out from all the noise on social media.