Corona And Content Creation

Corona And Content Creation

Corona And Content Creation:- We need not tell you about the impact Corona Virus has had on human life and nature. It has even had a greater impact on those who are not even infected by this virus. Who am I talking about? The daily wage earners like Cab drivers, street vendors, labourers and many more who now have no cash in hand and absolutely no work to do. 

The economy globally has never seen a low like this in years. The world is locked down and the only escape that they have in this monotonous life is the internet. Also, the social media and the content industries are probably the only industries who are benefitting from the Coronavirus outbreak

In fact, social media influencers and other celebrities who have a large follower base are people who can actually make a difference and can educate the people about the symptoms of the COVID-19 disease and the precautions that can be taken. 

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Moreover, marketing is going to experience a lot of changes in the way things work, and the brands in any way have to shift to digital marketing and social media marketing. As a matter of fact, some brands may choose Influencer marketing to keep themselves active in the sub-consciousness of the potential consumer. As this is a great opportunity for them to promote their online presence to maximum people as the number on social media of users is very high. 

Impact Of Corona Virus On Influencer Marketing

There is probably not a single thing in our lives that has not been affected or sort of changed in any sense currently. The COVID-19 has directly or indirectly had an impact on every one of us. Influencer Marketing is no different. Here are some of the ways by which the Coronavirus has changed the way influencer marketing used to work in complete normality.

Influencer Marketing Engagement is Increasing

It is pretty obvious as more people are sitting in their home idle or probably working from home, they generally tend to use social media more than normal. So, views and likes on the posts and stories of the influencers are supposed to get more views, likes, and comments which are responsible for an increase in the engagement rates

So, this is a very positive change that influencer marketing has brought and influencers can utilize it to the fullest as it is the best time if they want to deliver any message or share their views with others. 

Social Media Marketing Budgets Are Going To Increase

As we know, most of the countries all around the globe have enforced a complete lockdown because of obvious reasons. This will greatly affect the traditional forms of marketing as the TV ads required proper productions and shoots which are not at all possible right now. 

Moreover, all the sporting events and other shows have been cancelled. So, the scope of advertising there in the form of sponsorships is not all possible. 

This calls for an increase in the money spent on the digital forms of marketing such as social media marketing and influencer marketing. The brands will have to find a way to continue their marketing campaigns. So, online marketing will surely get a boost due to these current circumstances. 

Also, the increased user time of social media and the increase in terms of volume also attracts brands and marketers to increase their spend on social media ads and digital marketing because the campaign results have a very high probability to be successful. 

Travel Influencers Are Going To Face Difficulties

Yes, we do need to talk about the negative side too. But if you think about it, this may seem to be a very great creative opportunity. 

The only influencers who are going to suffer professionally due to this pandemic are the travel influencers. Of course, this is for the most obvious reasons. Most of the countries are locked down and travel is absolutely ceased all around the globe. So, due to this, all the trips that were sponsored by the brands are now canceled. This may bring a crisis of content for the travel influencers who showed around the world to their followers through their Instagram Pictures, Blog posts, and Vlogs. 

So, they would have to stick to publishing content which has already been made by them in the past. 

But this also gives time to them to think about some new content ideas and take their creative game to the next level. 

Also, they can create content which is informational or topical and can be made right from their home.

For instance, they can write articles or make videos about some travel hacks or something like that. 

How Can Influencer Marketing Make A Difference For Social Good?

As we know, Influencers are the people who are adequately popular in the social media community and their followers believe them and trust them. So, in the current scenario, where there is panic and uncertainty everywhere, the influencers and the content creators can greatly bring a change in the thought process of social media consumers. 

Here’s how brands and influencers can collaborate for social good amidst this global pandemic:

Influencers Can Spread Awareness

Influencers are the ones whom the followers believe and can relate to because of the fact that they are not too popular like Bollywood celebrities and also, they are very accessible, thanks to them being very active in the social media. 

So, Influencers can use this to spread awareness in the followers and should tell them the facts about the Corona Virus as there is a hell lot of fake news in here. They can tell them about the precautions that people need to take to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

Now, what the brands here can do here is that if they are offering any service which can be of any help to the people during this lockdown situation, they can ask influencers to popularise it and make more people aware of it. 

For instance, many of the fitness brands are teaching people some home-based workouts using household items as all the gyms and fitness centers are out of access. Also, many influencers are promoting it. What this does is that it increases brand awareness to a great extent. Online educational start-ups like Unacademy and Byju’s are some more examples. 

People Need Positive Content

The current situation is the rarest of the rare and most of Gen Z people who form a larger part of the total social media users are maybe experiencing something like this for the very first time. There is panic all over the world as the number of deaths and infected people are going on increasing. The businessmen are suffering losses which may take months or even years to recover from.

Above all, we are all sitting inside our homes, doing nothing. Some good content which brings a fresh air of positivity is all what the consumers need right now. So, now is the time for the influencers to share some content which can bring a smile on the people. 

This is the reason why many of the comedy content creators are releasing their videos so that there is no shortage of content for the consumers.


It is pretty much evident that it is a time very scary and confusing for both brands and consumers. It is really important that brands deal with issues with real sensitivity and do everything that it can to contribute to some social good during this crisis. 

Although, there is a little uncertainty at this point of time, but I am sure that things will get better as time passes. 

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