Zigzag moles give bad results, and square ones make a person unpredictable and help avert evil. Best Online Assistant For Astrologers: Dhruv Astro Software. Moles on eyebrow, called ''hidden pearls'' in face reading, are auspicious and live moles which can bring good luck and money. A peaceful and loving marriage which is done with the consent of all family members and elders brings a lot of joy to newlyweds. M y 25-year marriage has been a loveless mistake. There are several commercial repellent sprays you can buy which put off bad smelling chemicals which will irritate a mole’s nose and draws them out and away from your yard. 3. There are also the DIY options mentioned above which not only will keep moles away from your yard but should make them leave even if they’ve already moved in. Moles on Eyes. Meaning of Moles on the Body. Mole underneath your left eye is considered bad luck except if it is at the tip of your eye furthest away from your nose which means good luck. There are certain indications on the hands that gives clue to the person of potential troubles in the marriage or relationship. A mole with hair on eyebrow is the icing on the cake and indicates that the person is smart, quick-witted, good at managing money, and burning with a fierce ambition and will accomplish something great if given some time. Signification : Twin Moles. A mole on the neck for man or woman indicates a highly successful life, a hard worker, escapes from a fatal accident between 40 and 45 years of age. Title: Good Marriage Bad Marriage. November 10, 2018 fcpalmistry 3. 3 Combinations 2. Moles on Nose. Any mole on right side of eyebrow indicates happy and blissful marriage and healthy children. Mole on the left eye says that the person is arrogant and possesses a pessimistic attitude. (ad) Wrist – Frugal, ingenious and dependable. Poison. You can’t do it all – we can’t change other people, and she’ll need to take steps too – but you can do a lot. Moles underneath the right eye are generally bad news and can mean you are prone to accidents by fire, gossip. My high-earning wife holds the cards. Triangular moles give mixed results, while round ones reveal a good heart. A mole on the right shoulder brings prudence, discretion, a faithful marriage partner and very industrious. Shoulders Moles that are colored red, honey, sandalwood, or emerald green, are often lucky, but black moles are not good and may bring many obstacles in life. On the left shoulder, satisfied with any position in life both socially and occupationally. On a man, possibly two marriages. Moles on both sides of the neck indicate death by hanging. Each noticeable mole on our body carries a hidden meaning or depicts some secret obstacle. a mole on the front part of the neck denotes an artistic temperament, unexpected fortune and wealth. Mole on the right eye means that the bearer is honest, hardworking and trustworthy. Gain by marriage. On a woman, one marriage. Any other location under this eye can mean sadness, bad luck for children and misfortune. I am mostly the housekeeper, which is fine, but I am taken for granted, belittled, ignored, and disrespected. Problems In The Marriage-Bad Marriage Signs In Palmistry Problems In The Marriage-Bad Marriage Signs In Palmistry.