3 large eggs. 250 ml double cream or whipping cream. Method. The result? Scorched and with a sunken centre, this is no eye-candy nor is it a feast for the eyes. Place baking paper onto baking tin, pushing it against the wall to make a mould and leave it aside. Recipe reference from PhongHong Bakes. This Basque version originating in San Sebastian, Spain 3 decades ago uses pantry basics – cream cheese, sugar, eggs and flour. https://www.sinpopo.com/handcrafted-cakes/basque-burnt-cheesecake.html In a large bowl, mix Zanetti Mascarpone Cheese and caster sugar till mixture is smooth. Take out cream cheese and eggs 1 hour in advance from the fridge to ensure that they are at room temperature before making cheesecake. 18g flour. Ingredients . 500g cream cheese (at room temperature) 170g caster sugar. This cheesecake gets burnt, deliberately, in its final 5 minutes of baking! Basque Burnt Cheesecake. However, it’s deightfully delish! Burnt yet undercooked, this 500g Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($42 for 6”) is far from typical with its scorched edges and gooey centre that oozes lazily.