With so many workout routines on the internet, many gym-goers might be confused about the exercises they need to perform to increase their muscle mass as fast as possible. Since muscle strength and size are so closely related, these exercises are also among the best for increasing strength. If you don’t know what you’re doing, home workouts will provide little benefit or incentive. I recommend at least 2 beast exercises per Start by looking at your current training routine to see if it's peppered with a fair amount of beast exercises. What All These Exercises Have in Common Before we start, I'd like to let you know what these exercises have in common, besides the fact that they build muscle … However, building muscle mass is not necessarily about stubbornly following a predetermined routine till the bitter end It is about rather finding out, through trial and error, which one works best for you. Bodybuilding not only produces some of the best physiques, but recruits some of … Build muscle and strength faster with these tried and tested ultra-productive exercises. The 3 Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group To get the best results from your workouts, you need to choose the best exercises. I realised it late and ditched the muscle shaping exercises {as my bodybuilder friend would call them} and started performing what I call 8 best Skeletal Loading muscle building exercises . We bet you’re now looking for the best muscle building exercises for shoulders. To maximize the muscle building process, you need to make better choices. With the right type of exercises and plenty of determination and discipline, achieving strong and perfect shoulders are absolutely possible. Lest anyone ever suggest that muscle building involves little more than mindlessly lifting the heaviest weight manageable for a few sets of low repetitions using your limbs… continue reading. 5 Exercises for Building Muscle at Home The biggest barrier to starting an at-home workout plan is, for many, the same as starting one in the gym: inexperience. No smith machine here, instead, YOU become the machine. Here’s the short list of the best muscle building exercises: 1) Squats - Yep, good ol’ back squats using a barbell. 8 Best Muscle Building Exercises of All Time Exercise selection can be the fundamental difference between fast gains and mediocre gains.