That’s essentially all you need to know in order to move onto the next step towards building your own custom mechanical keyboard – that is, choosing the right parts according to your personal preferences. Mike Fahey. It was to confirm that I was capable of being able to build a functional keyboard. Just search up 24″ lumber. They may be used as enclosures for some retro keyboard conversions or to build your own retro futuristic creations. Build Your Own PC: HyperX Headset, Mouse, and Keyboard You don't really have a gaming PC until you have the right keyboard, mouse, and headset. And, if your budget allows even walnut or cherry but they are usually diy feature keyboards. The next and final installment of this guide will tell you where to find the components and how to put them together. I was not aiming for perfection for this first keyboard build. 1. I tried searching on ebay for cool 60% mechanical kbs but couldn't find one which fits my preference concluding that I'd be better off building one myself. Published 3 years ago: July 24, 2017 at 4:00 pm-Filed to: computing. How To Build Your Own Keyboard. Mechanical kbs have really caught my attention especially the customized ones. Once you know which size keyboard you want, you can pick your PCB and case. It already supports a bunch of keyboards and has great documentation on how to customize and compile a build for your own design. Pre-cut wood stock from retailers like Woodcraft (affiliate link) you can make your own. Expensive perhaps, but you’ll be able to order and make your own keyboard tray. Share. Plywood is a great option for matching maple and oak. Selection of dimensions, shapes, angles is huge. Is it cheaper to build your own mechanical kb?