It really helped. They have an archive of the newsletters at: The last week or so 2 of them have the udder starting to slightly show. Romanov Sheep: Is This Short-Tailed Breed Suitable For My Farm? As active labor approaches she will usually become restless and separate herself from the flock. Yesterday, the udder on one of them doubled in size but is still small. Do you have any pictures of a ewe that still has 4 weeks to go, but is definitely expecting? She looks pregnant in that she has been increasing in girth and expanding sidewards but I dont see much happening in the udder department. They’re Shetlands. Some ewes lamb with virtually no udder development, whilst others may have a well-developed udder for a week or more before they lamb. She may lie down and really strain to push the lamb out. She was rejected because my loving young longhorn heifer licked her to help clean up the baby before we knew she’d been dropped in the tall grass. Anytime! ( Log Out /  We are too new to all of this to have known at this point. She was 2 years old when I took these photos and was pregnant for the first time.). The ewe’s body usually starts preparing for lambing a couple weeks to a month before the birth of her lambs. I had a ewe last year that had such a big udder, that the lambs couldn't get underneath it to reach the teats and therefore both died. Thank you!! Maybe there is a way to smear milk on her or rub the placenta on her as some old timers have suggested. Got a Barbado ready to deliver today it seems. We put our ram in with 3 of our girls 10/17 and left them together until 12/5. I’m guessing my little lambies are only a day or two away – if that!!!!! Kim, Excellent and informative presentation. , Thanks! We also learned the hard way about not getting too friendly with your rams. Thanks Julie! When to Wean Lambs and 3 Tips to Make It Easier, 17 Hair Sheep Breeds That Don’t Need Expensive Shearing, 10 Easy Sheep Handling Tips To Make You a Confident Shepherd, Mineral and Nutritional Requirements for Sheep, How to Feed Sheep, What Not to Feed, Cutting Costs, and More, What to Consider When Raising Sheep and Chickens Together, How to Help Your Ewes Bond with Their Lambs Effectively. The task should be carried out on a dry day with the most stringent hygiene precautions; otherwise it is pointless, since poor technique could actually introduce infection. I’m 85% confident that three of my ladies are pregnant, 50% that a fourth is, and almost 100% sure the fifth isn’t thanks to these photos! That ewe’s vulva today is slightly red. A ewe that is well fed before giving birth will have more colostrum, more milk, stronger lambs and will bond better with her lamb. I decided to make this page because I learn better with visuals. You can watch Bertha’s textbook lambing here. This depends to some extent on the feeding of the flock. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The dam may stay lying down or stand up again. ( Log Out /  (and remember to separate any ram lambs at weaning or shortly afterwards so they can’t breed the mother. Oh, they are adorable! I would glove up and see if the unborn lamb is presenting wrong – breach, etc. I hope lambing goes well for you! She will begin to paw at the ground to make the area comfortable for her. They def have looked like they have “dropped” and have a small amount of discharge.. vulvas are swollen and somewhat elongated. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for sharing it, too! For now, feel free to continue reading. I have 1 that is due any day, and 1that I think is pregnant but not so far along and then one that I am completely unsure about.