Source: The Greek Cookbook – by Tess Mallos. Last year, my preserves were a total mess… figs fell in( flat) and were wrinkled. Try our sticky fig pudding, fig and pistachio friands or fig and burrata pizza. I have been planning to make green fig preserve for ages and searched in vain for a ‘modern’ one – the use of slaked lime is fine but ‘caustic soda’ sounds a bit drastic! This recipe for fig coulis is good on pretty much anything. Fig Coulis. A traditional South African recipe, Green Fig Preserve. Tomatoes with Fig and Prosciutto. If you have neighbors, friends or relatives with fig trees in cold climates that don’t allow the figs to ripen over the season, this would be a perfect recipe to use those figs. This salad is a riff on melon and prosciutto. Dear Margaret In the morning – boil figs up again just to heat for jarring. With the changing weather patterns in mind, how do I determine when they are ready? I am sure that is going to give it a lovely flavor over time, I also add some fresh bruised ginger, cloves, cinnamon bark and the lemon peel and fresh juice to syrup. We need to pick before the birds eat the lot! The following morning, put the figs and syrup into jars. Add the figs and simmer over moderate heat for 10 minutes, skimming when necessary. We are in Pretoria. The figs are then boiled again in fresh water but with fig leaves, for about 4 minutes, until the figs are soft. I never got the recipe so would be most grateful if you could e-mail me your recipe. raw buckwheat groats, water, water, green figs, pure maple syrup and 12 more. thanks. Many thanks and kind regards, They look yummy – could you please send me the recipe? Will be picking my first batch of green figs in about a weeks time. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t made for a few years now…. Thanks alot. Picking figs off my tree for the first time. Do you take the skin/pith off and scoop the insides out? What does the brine soak do? > Syko Glyko: A Green Fig Preserve Recipe with Greek Flair. Plus, they work well in both sweet and savoury dishes! You use the whole of the unripe green fig as is. I used to pick the figs for the green fig preserve around the 25 th of October for many years. Have plenty of green figs, but never usually get ripe ones because the birds beat us to them, so it would be really great if we had a recipe for green figs, if you could send it to me please. Thanks! This ensures that the figs have a lovely green colour – though we don’t recommend this specific step. Have fun trying! Good Morning Nathalie, with a plethora of Green Figs with no taste for ripe ones, please send me your recipe. I always have people asking for the recipe, so I decided to share it here. Your email address will not be published. I live on the edge of a zone for figs but my trees have produced well this year. I am the pastry chef lecturer @ a chefs school in Paarl on a wine estate, South Africa. Thank you. They are usually best when left to mature a few weeks. I love your idea of stuffing them with almonds. We … Please can you email the recipe quantities…figs are soaking in brine already & i would apreciate the quantities of lemon/syrup/ginger. Can you send me the recipe for this please? Figs are a sort of a time-traveling fruit direct to us from the Odyssey. Week Make These 15 Fabulous Recipes with Figs - One Green Planet Could You also send me the recipe.? Please can you email me the recipe? 2hrs (until syrup thickens). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanking you in advance. Let boil for 10 minutes. Please can you send me the recipe as I am not sure of the brine and syrup. Of course, I will gladly send you our recipe . Seal and sterilize by boiling sealed jars 30 minutes in a large ppan of water, then leaving out to cool down. I’m concerned about the ph for canning safety. Anzette, Generally, the figs are still small and hard. Boil for 20 min – then add figs, lemon juice a dash of Rozendal Fynbos Vinegar and ginger boil approx. Be careful that the figs don’t overboil as the water will project sticky drops all around the stove top. thanks! Also at what stage do i pick the figs – have never done this before but it seems a pity to let the figs go to waste. The figs will progressively shrink and turn from bright green to yellow green as they soften. Spread it on … I’m getting 4kg of figs which does not ripen, and looking forward to preserving them. Sugar And the ginger and lemon amounts? It’s before you put the figs and syrup into jars. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "frmo0a-20"; You mention 100 figs… Does the size not matter, in regard to the amounts of sugar, water etc? The “Frog” in Frog Mom comes from my being French but also from my love for nature. Thanks. Our collection of fig recipes include ideas for both fresh figs – with their sticky, jammy texture – and super sweet dried figs. Dissolve sugar completely in the water before bringing to a boil. Sorry…. Tracy. 39 Items Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice A distinctive and vibrant fruit that works with sweet and savoury dishes. In my dad’s garden, there is a big beautiful fig tree and right now it is laden with figs but they are all green – as in unripe green. Its a good idea to make extra syrup to top up the cooking figs and for jarring time. I love green fig preserve but have never been able to get my hands on green figs in South Africa. Thanks for the informative and useful post! I’d hate to be wasting it and other ingredients if not sure… How much sugar to how many kilos of green figs? Fig Konfyt, or Preserved Green Figs was discovered in a library book, which is so appropriate for me. Since I ate them quickly, I don’t know how they would have aged. I’m in France and figs are just coming out. I am just now catching this line of discussion. Would you please be so kind and mail me the recipe as well – [email protected] Rozendal Fynbos Vinegar, Dissolve Salt in enough water to cover figs in a bucket // ]]> There is an extra step mentioned in that I skipped as I tasted the figs and they were good to me. 1 stick dried ginger Here’s what it’s like: drip a little syrup onto a cold plate. I would like the recipe please…not sure of brine or syrup. Hi, please could I have your recipe as well. Fabulous tip regarding the old cd’s (if you still have them ;-)), the light reflections seem to scare them off. I have been in my current house now for seven years and each year the fig almost ripen then turn black. 50 green figs – I sent my 8-year old girl in the tree to pick the biggest ones, 50 blanched almonds – I only had regular almonds so I boiled them during 5 minutes and my 7-year old girl peeled off the skins in a pinch. For the sauce, Annette Human use 7.5 litre water, 3 kg white sugar and 50 ml lemon juice or 10 ml cream of tartar per 2.5 kg figs. Required fields are marked *. Step 4: boil figs in syrup, lemon and ginger for 2 hrs and then leave to soak over night. thanks for the advice.. please could you also mail me the recipe. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; We use the brine soak instead of using the caustic soda that most recipes ask for. Nope as these are the hard green figs we do not peel them. amzn_assoc_linkid = "b3ab63bcbb75f56a4948e9b9fc5c0608"; i have been looking everywhere for a nice green fig recipe. Hi Neva, like you I wasn’t sure canning safety so stored my jars in the refrigerator after sterilizing them. Wash the figs and trim stems – my 7-year old did that easily with a short knife, ending up with sticky fingers. Green figs retain their shape after an hour of boiling. Planting Potatoes for the first time on Rozendal Farm, How we Pickle Kalamata Olives at Rozendal. In my dad’s garden, there is a big beautiful fig tree and right now it is laden with figs but they are all green – as in unripe green. 100 figs I will send you the recipe. Tough, not readily edible, not green as opposed to black since they are black figs-to-be. To make good use of them a recipe evolved to make something inedible into something utterly delicious. I have two daughters born in 2003 and 2005 and I’ve taken them on outdoors adventures since they were babies. Never enough figs—that’s what we always say. Impatient as ever to do something with this natural bounty, I searched for green fig recipes hoping to score a green fig chutney. Please send me the recipe. This is great. My library doesn’t carry it anymore, but you can find it on Amazon.