How to make hair thick and silky can be tackled without having to shampoo. I see other ppl who hav hair that looks thin (which i want but dont have) ans smooth/silky. I have tried ironing, it works but the effect lasts only till the next wash. Note: I have thick straight hair, and whenever my barber thins it, the ends insist on curling, I dont want to go in for some unnatural process like straightening, or re-bonding. how can i do that?? For example when it dries it gets fuzzy but I want it to still look silky and shiny. Like so i don't have to use so many hair products to make my hair look normal, ex: gel, hair glues, oil, or straighning. If you’re looking to simply thin your thick hair, consider investing in a chunking hair thinning scissor to remove large amounts of hair. You can apply conditioner to your hair, then add an apple or carrot peel to the hair. I'm a guy and I have thick, coarse, and wavy hair. If you have thick hair, it is prone to tangles and takes up a long time to blowdry. How to make hair thin and silky is not as simple as it might seem, but it does not have to be very complicated either. There are many ways that you can apply extra moisture to your hair, and these methods are very inexpensive. It takes a lot of time to dry damp, thick hair, and it might feel wet throughout the day. For many of those who complain about thick hair being unruly and unmanageable, the root of all evil can actually be frizz. I want it to be silky and smooth though. You needbig hair accessories to tie thick hair properly. I use clinic all clear smooth and silky shampoo but it doesnt help. Diet is very important for your overall health—and that includes the health of your hair. Update Your Wash-and-Care Routine. You know silky hair when you see it: shiny, healthy, and free of tangles. Whole, fresh foods will help your hair grow longer and thicker: drink lots of water, and eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, and nuts. An alternative to shampoo would be to use olive oil. The right products can give you silkier, smoother strands. Overall Health Is Important for Beautiful, Long and Thick Hair Get Your Vitamins and Nutrients. 4. If you do decide to use olive oil, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly afterwards. Olive oil has been known to work just as well as shampoo, although it can often be more expensive. Besides, a thick volume of hair that is heavy can make you feel worse in several cases. Check out the next section for some hacks to make your thin hair look voluminous. How To Make Thick Hair Thin and Silky – thick hair can be really annoying and it may make you find a lot of difficulty in choosing what kind of hairstyle you would actually wear! Is there a way to make my hair permanantly straight silky and slick without hair products. wat products can i get at a local store will do it?