We love filling them with good-quality prosciutto and mozzarella. For more tasty appetizers try Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms, Instant Pot Meatballs, and Easy Antipasto Kebobs. These are perfect by themselves, but they are great with marinara for dipping, too. These coated balls of rice are bursting with surprises inside. Sicilian Arancini are deliciously plump stuffed rice balls filled with meat and peas, then deep fried. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/italian-rice-balls-with-mozzarella Although the original recipe requires them to be fried, I prefer to cook them in the oven, to cut the calories but not the taste! The Italian rice balls recipe with meat and peas (arancini) is a traditional recipe of Southern Italy. Arancini, rice balls stuffed with sauce and peas, are one of the best-loved Sicilian snacks and street foods, and they have become increasingly popular throughout Italy and worldwide. Small peas and meat sauce are a popular filling, too. cooked white rice, Parmesan, eggs, italian seasoning, tomato paste and 11 more Sollenne Family Rice Balls Cooks And Books And Recipes tomato paste, red pepper flakes, eggs, garlic, plain bread crumbs and 19 more Lightly fried to golden perfection. Those rice balls are coated in breadcrumbs and stuffed with ragu, mozzarella and peas. That leftover rice can be transformed into an exotic appetizer. This Arancini (Italian Rice Balls) recipe is pure appetizer perfection. https://www.recipesfromitaly.com/arancini-recipe-sicilian-rice-balls Pure deliciousness! They make perfect party eats. Be sure to read the NOTE below!