Proper manners and consideration towards others are highly valued in Japan, and misbehaving tourists are increasingly causing frictions. Open Daily 8am - 8pm Senior Shopping Hour (Every Tuesday) 8am - 9am Thanksgiving (11/26) Like in China and Korea, 4 is pronounced the same way as "death". Ignorance isn’t always bliss! If you have certain general knowledge about Japan or you have been to Japan before, I am sure that you had seen people lining up on one side of escalators (typically on the left side except for Osaka which is the opposite). ATTENTION: Updated Store Hours Please see store page for updated store hours. However, it seems that very few Japanese people really care about this superstition nowadays. 30+ Crucial Do’s and Don’ts in Japan. See more ideas about Japanese grocery, Grocery, Gourmet recipes. Parking Lot . Etiquette starts before you go into the mall. It’s not the end of the world if you have to walk a few extra feet to get to the entrance, so if you see someone waiting for a space closer to the door, keep driving. Thank you for your understanding Seiwa Market May 21, 2019 - Explore Chibi Epple's board "Japanese Grocery" on Pinterest. 600 5th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 624-6248. We are working hard to build our online store right now. 11 examples of Japanese etiquette that Westerners won’t understand. When looking for a parking spot, be considerate of other drivers. Sneak Preview of our e-commerce. Return Policy Update due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Out of an abundance of care and concern for all Seiwa Market customers and our employees effective immediately, we will not accept returns and exchanges until further notice. By following these do’s and don’ts in Japan, you can travel confidently by being prepared and knowing how to avoid any lingering looks of disapproval from locals by doing something wrong you weren’t aware of.. Related articles. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. Well, perhaps there are no any other countries in the world that are full of social rules other than Japan. In order not to annoy or offend the locals, foreign visitors should be familiar with at least the basic rules: Seattle. Read more about what to buy at a Japanese grocery store below! Soon you will be able to have all your favorite Japanese grocery products, fresh seafood, organic eggs and vegetables from a local Japanese farm delivered straight to your home. A Japanese grocery store is a wonder filled treasure chest of delicious pantry products, groceries, and ready to eat staples.