A Fresnel lens is an optical component which can be used as a cost-effective, lightweight alternative to conventional continuous sur-face optics. PreDesigner from Qioptiq Photonics is an elegant lens calculator with sliders & touch-editable ray diagram & thin lens nomogram. Calculate the lens focal length given the object distance, camera format and desired vertical or horizontal image size. Camera/Lens Format Conversion To determine the … Lens calculator - Online tools for optical calculations. Visual range is limited by optical characteristics, including diffraction. The calculator uses PTZOptics 12X, 20X and 30X lenses to create the height and width of your image in real life. This PTZ camera optical zoom calculator can be used to determine the video image created by a PTZ camera when zoomed in at various lengths. Refractive Index (n) Light travels at 'c' velocity through a vacuum and 'n' times slower than 'c' through any and all other media. Today, lens production has undergone a sea change, especially after the advent of digital technology and the best lens calculator software is best example of this technological change. If you have any ideas to make this calculator […] We designed this aniseikonia calculator because we were kinda sick of entering a whole bunch of different values of base curves and thicknesses into our Excel sheet. Light diffracts when it passes through an aperture (such as a telescope lens), and this puts limits on the clarity with which pictures or videos can be taken. In science fiction movies, we often hear the phrase "visual range". Your choice of key parameters & units. The slider tools we use on this calculator make it way easier to find the right base curve/thickness combinations. On the following pages you will find some online tools for calculation of most important optical parameters. For further technical fundamentals and exlanations please check chapter "Optics". Lens gives every optical equipment its ultimate value and enhances the worth of the equipment manifold times which is why lens manufacturers have always tried to improve the lens making technology. Precise calculations for specific design tasks. The lenses with which we are most familiar are the optical (light) type and constitute the subject matter of this page. ... facets face, it is possible to calculate the ide-al transmission efficiency versus the lens f-number by taking into account the surface Visualise key optical parameters and their interactions. A lens is a device that magnifies or shrinks a source of radiation.. Optical Lens Calculator.