Routed Body Blanks. Swamp Ash guitar body blank. BYO-BLANK-SA $79.00 * * Padauk Body Blank. Add to cart. Show us your builds !!!! Roasted wood is stable and resistant to humidity and temperature changes. Honduras Mahogany Body Blank. ALDER bass guitar body blank, 47mm, 2 pcs. Roasted Swamp Ash is Swamp Ash that has been heat-treated to remove moisture and other impurities. szt. Hydroscopic cellulose is sealed so wood resists warp and movement. BYO-BLANK-PD $69.95 * * Black Walnut Body Blank. This process also transforms it from its normal creamy color to a deep caramel, and the bold grain patterns become even more accentuated and dark. Here's your answer! As a result, the wood becomes somewhat lighter in weight, and more rigid. These high quality guitar body blanks are great for routing your own design. BYO-BLANK-M $105.00 * * Swamp Ash Body Blank. Guitar Wood Experts is here to support the builders. ROASTED HARD ASH bass guitar body blank, 2 pcs, 42mm. Dimensions: See below; Weights: See below; Planned flat, diagonal lines are machine marks that will sand out. Body Blanks. check more. Un-Routed Body Blanks. They create beautiful, artistic, high quality instruments that are setting the standard for the world to follow. check more . The grain patterns on these Swamp Ash blanks are insane! Routing fits standard Fender specs. Stiffness, strength, and integrity of the wood are maintained with no chemicals. Manufacturer: Wood For Guitar Price: €66.44. $165.00 Swamp Ash 1 Piece Body Blank 1st-Grade 16 lbs View full product details → Roasted Maple neck. Thin White Blonde finish with the dark roasted ash grain really showing through. Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele pickups Currently sports a black Bakelite pickguard and custom black metal knobs (comes with original white guard, chrome knurled knobs, and chrome bridge cover as … Manufacturer: Wood For Guitar Price: €110.89. Solid body electric guitar body blanks. Swamp Ash Body Blank-050. Just pick from one of the three woods we offer and we'll leave the perimeter sculpting to you! Hesitating to do design your own body shape because of the daunting task of routing for the pickups, bridge and neck pocket? Home | Bodies, Necks and Wood | Body Blanks. Unroasted maple is place of rosewood for a reverse skunk stripe. 55 Roasted Ash body. Vibrational testing indicates roasted maple has clearer tone than regular maple. We are always so amazed about just how great our clients are. 3 piece blanks.