Kelly George, 36, pictured, from Plymouth, says she starts sweating at the thought of husband Phil, 43, staying away. He loses interest in you. Some audio files with good … One time I even cAlled the cops bc I thought someone was after me. He doesn’t care to ask about your day or anything about you. Then stay on the phone with the operator so they can listen in and so you can openly communicate with them as you decide what to do. A home break-in is an awful and surreal experience that can leave your whole family feeling scared and vulnerable. Even when you tell him, it’s obvious his heart is not in it. I've always been paranoid that either someone is going to break in and harm me or kill me, or some freak electrical accident is going to occur because there's electrical issues going on with the hall light. Whenever I'm home alone, or on my own with the kids at night I always worry that someone is going to break in and hurt us. Focussing on muscle relaxation or visual imagery can change focus from fearful thoughts to concentrating on muscles or visual images and allow sleep to return. Distraction techniques - If we are awake at night and unable to break the cycle of fear or feeling scared, then using relaxation strategies to distract ourselves from those thoughts can be helpful. She is far from unusual. Someone is in my house and I require immediate assistance. Im so scared someones going to kill me. The sound as though they are located [insert room or floor]. I am located [insert room or floor]." He admits that loving you feels more like an obligation and you deserve someone better. 18. He thinks you are both better off as friends. 17. Every noise im afraid someone will break in. And get a roomate or live with someone u knw close to u. I live by myself witn my kid and at night I have to go into my room with him and lock my doors. Even my bedroom doors. 19. I hear at least one person and I am unsure if they have a weapon. I'm also afraid bugs will crawl all over me, or my cat will jump up on the bed and claw me 2 death. And while the physical damages can be fixed or replaced, the psychological effects of being robbed can linger, especially in children. He says you are too ‘good’ for him.