Whether you have mastered the guitar, or are looking to take on a new craft, the Seagull brand has a broad range of instruments available to fit your playing style. Seagull Mosaic guitar competes perfectly well with other guitars three times the price. These features include: Aside from the beautiful looks of this instrument, and its quality construction, it has a rich clean sound. I’ve reviewed it first below, but to sum it up, this is a classic with staying power. Some of these qualities include: The Artistic Mosaic sports a naturally simple design but one that displays glimmers of premium. You’ll find that seagull equipment is much better value. Keep in mind, purely cosmetic elements added to a guitar can drive the cost up dramatically and have little or no effect on sound. The finishing is done with a sophisticated custom polished semi-gloss.The guitar features an exquisite detailing around the body. Everyone has different tastes so this discussion around tone will be as objective as possible. We certainly hope you benefit from the information we provide in this article! Instruments, at this level especially, are all about personal preference. Check... Should you buy the Blueridge BR-143CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar? In this Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar review, we find out just how good a deal... For a great value entry-level acoustic, is a Squier package worth considering? It’s made entirely of solid wood, which puts it in a class above entry-level instruments. A great addition to the Seagull family, the instrument has a great sound and is easy to play. Just so you know, we may receive compensation if you use the links on this page. I love music and guitar. If you want find a right beginner guitar for yourself or your kid, you are in the right place. Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar. The top of the guitar is made from pressure treated cedar, while the back and sides are made from solid mahogany. Dismiss, Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar Review. >>, Bracing is made out of the new scalloped Adirondack spruce, The bridge is designed using new rosewood. On the other hand, the lack of electronics keeps the price point reduced. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The best part is, the all-solid wood body opens even further as the years go by. The detailing around the body is exquisite, showing off herringbone binding, while the ne… Though possibly less distinguished than other brands which carry a hefty price increase for their name, the superb quality and sound of this guitar make it a serious contender in the market. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This unique instrument has been tested in extreme temperatures and conditions and has proven to be highly resistant even to impact. With its dreadnought style body of 25.5” scale length made of beautifully-granted solid woods. Yamaha has been known for making great quality products. Most of my students or parents of my students feel headache when they choose the first beginner guitar for themselves or their children. Many prefer its warm and sweet tone, saying that it helps them to come up with tunes of their new songs quickly. Additionally, the quality of the neck makes it feel as though the notes and chords sing off the mahogany, providing a rich and unencumbered sound resonating from the mid-rich cedar top. That being said, the action of this guitar out of the box is a bit higher than other similarly styled instruments, but can easily be adjusted with a good guitar setup. However, there is such thing as good tone and bad tone. You can easily discern the strong tonal qualities of the cedar-mahogany wood combination, the result of a well-built instrument. While the company is certainly no Fender guitars in terms of popularity, they have a unique character all their own.. It’s not very often that you see an inexpensive guitar that is both produced in North America and sounds amazing. Seagull guitars are extremely underrated. Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic: Is This The Guitar For You? Being made in North America also helps support the national economy keeping your dollars localized. The tapered headstock makes it look cool, but I also come in handy in giving it tuning stability. This is testament to the excellent build quality of this guitar, despite the reasonable price. Your email address will not be published. Also Learn more about Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000, Last update on 2020-11-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, How To Record Acoustic Guitar ( Check This 5 Tips). The slightly larger string spacing will definitely ensure a truer sound while fingerpicking. The Artist Mosaic sounds and plays just as good as any $3000+ guitar … You would never talk about the beauty of the uniqueness of a guitar without mentioning the sound aspect. There are many acoustic guitars in the market today, and not all of them are as good as you would expect. Designed to combine the best elements of hand-crafted instruments at an affordable price, including soundboards made of centuries old tonewoods.