But how do you control who actually has access to that file? You can just select any item and then click the i on the right of the menu — this will open up the details pane where you can edit names, titles, the authors of documents, and much more. It’s shown collapsed in the screenshot above, but just click on the words in the tab menu — Browse or Page in this example — to expand it. You’ll need to have a field that carries a value that the user can set. Sharing lets you add other people to a document. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. The screenshot below shows the various contents of a SharePoint site: The most common use for SharePoint is as a document repository. Further Information . The interface is different than it was in earlier versions of SharePoint, and some ways you interact with the software have changed. A page is exactly what it sounds like — a page that is edited within the browser using the editor functionality in SharePoint. Here you can open documents either in the Office 365 online versions of their respective apps or the desktop versions — Word for Word documents, Excel for spreadsheets, and so on. There is also an on-premises version of SharePoint, currently SharePoint 2016, that runs within your company and isn’t licensed by subscription. (I would wager that if you never saw another “please disregard the previous message; I’ve attached the correct newest version of the file here” message pass through your inbox, it wouldn’t be too soon.). Once you click Apply, you can add the names and email addresses of the people to share with, and you can create an optional message to include with the email these folks will receive that contains the link. Note: You could be using one of several different editions of SharePoint. This article is about the Office 365 version of SharePoint, known as SharePoint Online — the one for which you or your company pays a subscription fee and that is run within Microsoft data centers and not by your own IT staff. Name: Decision. Subscribe to access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment. They both point to the same place. Under the Ribbon on the right, you will find the Search box, where you can type any sort of search query in, click the magnifying glass icon to the right, and then take advantage of the indexing engine on the site to get comprehensive results from any file that includes your search term. To display status icons in SharePoint lists in my case, I needed to show a Red/Yellow/Green status symbol. Now this workflow has an App Step to move to a folder, so I'm wondering if this is why it is happening. This makes it much easier for SharePoint to learn what we work on and to populate suggestions about related content, for administrators to be able to apply record retention policies and document lifecycle management, and for search to return better, more relevant rresults, among other benefits. This is not an important choice, as a document library can hold just about any type of file. At the top right, you can change your view from All Documents to a list of items, a grid full of items (useful for previewing photos and other visual items), or the All Documents view. When in doubt, choose yes — you would be amazed at how often this versioning history comes in handy. The Ribbon. Lists are collections of like items. For example, you might create a list that shows the status of business contracts, and create a status indicator that reports the percentage of active contracts, or contracts that are complete. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. -------------------------------------------------, Microsoft 365 Apps or Office 365 Business. You can choose from a list of links, announcements, a calendar, a list of contacts, a suggested site of links, a custom list in both list form and an editable datasheet form, a discussion board, an issue tracking list, a list of links, a list of project tasks (with a Gantt-like chart), a survey, a task list, or an imported spreadsheet. Re: RE: New Sharepoint Library Symbol also seeing in Modified column, after a workflow runs, the document now shows modified by SharePoint App. A document library. (See our cheat sheets for the on-premises versions of SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010.). Open/Edit. A list. In order to better quickly see the status of a file in SharePoint Microsoft are introducing some new icon signals. If you have any questions about or need assistance in planning for this change then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0845 260 1151 or [email protected] Take a look: The credentials area. Additionally, you can choose to expire this access after a certain date, an option I heartily recommend for security reasons. If you hover over the file name in the list and then click the three dots (the ellipsis) beside the file, you get a complete menu of options. As part of the Office 365 subscription, you automatically get the latest version of the software. The Quick Launch bar, running along the left side of your SharePoint web page, helps you jump among the various parts of your site, including to different lists, libraries, discussion areas, picture collections, the site Recycle Bin (which works exactly like the Windows recycle bin except it holds items from the SharePoint site only), and a full tree-like view of all the places on your site. Share. SharePoint Online has a defined list of content types that you can create on a given site. If you are browsing using Internet Explorer, then you can click to view the library in File Explorer or Windows Explorer. On the Site Contents > Your Apps screen, click Document Library under either the Noteworthy section or the Apps You Can Add section. Select a type of template that will become the default template for the library if someone chooses the New File option on the Ribbon. This is fairly straightforward. What is a symbol with three small blue lines that appear on the left top of the first letter of the name of a file?? You must be a registered user to add a comment. If you want, you can customize the library a little bit at the same time you are creating it by clicking the Advanced Options link, which brings up the Site Contents > New screen.