Emblem creator. I know! 2019/12/06 15:08:12 Subject: Space Marine Chapter Name Generator. On this page you’ll find a compilation of character name generators, army name generators and more for Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy (30K). Chapter Selection: Born Heroes , Raven Guard Successor, Whirlwind of Rage Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Latest Articles from Battle Brothers Space Marine Chapter Name Generator Struggling to come up with a name for your Primaris Marines? Chapter Name Generator So far, the best one's I've got are Blood Bearers and Silver Drinkers. Quick Paint: Colour Patch 1. Word of … Thousand Marines. Power Brigade. Paypal donations . Have fun!-Xander. Writing for a Co-op Chapter can give you valuable experience writing in the universe of WH40K, in dealing with Space Marines, and lets you write with an established chapter with connections in the fanon. First up, I've made a Space Marine chapter name generator, which you can find here. Every Warhammer 40K and 30K faction will eventually be covered, but this is very much a long-term project. After all, it often seems like all the cool names are taken. Background: Click on the images below to Save/Load your colour choices. The Salamanders as a Chapter are unusually concerned with civilian casualties compared to most other Space Marines and believe that one of their most important duties is to protect the lives of the Emperor of Mankind's innocent subjects whenever … Check out our Chapter Name Generator to help give you some ideas. SPACE MARINE CHAPTER NAME GENERATOR Include Particularly Stupid Content . This emblem creator will allow you to create a custom emblem, logo or other type of icon. Their homeworld is the volcanic Death World of Nocturne. New name generators are published regularly, and will have a link added below when they go live. The Salamanders are one of the Loyalist First Founding Chapters of Space Marines. It will help you to generate 1000's of cool Warhammer 40k Space Marine Names which you can use in books, novels, games, or whatever fantasy world you want to use it. Co-operative Chapters, like the Dragon Brothers are Open Groups, Space Marine Chapters that anyone can write for: check out the category for more. Khorne Chaos Space Marine Warband Name Generator. I was tempted to make every entry here a variation on either ‘blood’ or ‘skull’ but in the end I tried to be different. TheAvengingKnee. In naming a SM chapter, you have to find the perfect intersection of coolness, the "flavor" or "feel" of your army, as well as finding something that suits you personally and doesn't come off as cliche to either you or your opponent. Flesh Scars. Space Marine Name Generator - Warhammer 40k is free online tool for generating Warhammer 40k Space Marine Names randomly. And then there’s Khorne. Legion of Fists. ... ← Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition: New War Band/Chapter Name Generators. Rainbow Eaters. Click on the Space Marine to start painting or on the controls below if you wish to choose a background or paint scheme. Thousand Knights. A little bit, anyway. Logged Hey! The end result is fairly basic in the sense it's in black and white only, but you can get some really great results with a little bit of creativity, as shown further down below. Let me know what you think! Face it. Space Guard. Naming your own space marine chapter can be a daunting prospect. Mentor of the Damned.