How Can Influencers Improve Their Online Presence

How Can Influencers Improve Their Online Presence?

At a time where the Lockdown has limited your entertainment mediums, it seems the Internet is the only place where you can savor some amusement.  Be it in the form of memes, Short Videos, or Instagram reels, Netizens have found a way to keep themselves occupied during a pandemic, and boy have they done a good job! At a time where more people are logging on to Social Media sites from your Noisy Neighbourhood Aunty to the district MLA!

Everyone is on it, Mumbai Police have been using Trending memes to raise awareness, Political Parties are having a meme war with each other, KFC and Dominos are having a hilarious “Tweet Off”-  So Social Media Influencers have their job cut out for them, as many aspiring artists are taking up the Internet by storm! There have been several examples of the common man becoming an overnight celebrity (Voluntarily or Involuntarily) and we might just have a few useful tips for you if you too want to share the Limelight!

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1. Improve your Online Presence!

Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe! It May seem like an advertising gimmick but it does work. Being actively Interactive is very useful if you want to generate more clicks on your profile! A funny, witty or an insightful comment on any prolific public page could help grab attention and eventually genuine followers 

2. Question Stereotypes, Raise your voice for someone and Generate General

Awareness. Speak your mind, give out reviews and opinions on Trending topics and you might just grab a few eyeballs! Using Social Media positively will go a long way in improving your own brand as well as ameliorating your surrounding!

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3. Be up for experimenting

Don’t go out for tried and tested ways, make your own trends! It might seem uncertain at first but guess what? We are going through uncertain times as well! Creativity doesn’t wait for the perfect moment, Even the most mundane tasks if put across creatively may strike a chord with the audience.

4. Collaborate with Brands

And we can’t stress this enough, as you don’t need a huge audience but you do need to be able to tell the brand who your audience is. Brands constantly look for influencers who are true fans of their brands and therefore credibly spread the love among their followers.

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5. Pitch yourself

Yes, you need to put yourself out there and knock on some doors, contact the right people, go through LinkedIn and you might find some answers! Write a neat and compact pitch emphasizing on how you’ll add value to their brand.

6. Go LIVE

If possible, get more people to join as the saying goes, “More the Merrier”! The idea is to grab the attention of the audience as people usually expect something sensational to happen whenever someone goes LIVE.

7. Creating your Social Media kit

Whenever you want to collaborate with as brand, you want to include as much information about who you are as possible! Include stats like demographic, services offered, social media followers, features that will compliment your pitch whenever you want to collaborate with a brand!

The Idea is to not be discouraged with rejection early on. Sometimes a brand may not have the budget for influencer marketing right now and they might just keep you in the loop. But now and again brands when launching a new product or service, are on a lookout for immediate advertising and publicity, so keep at it and you might hit the Jackpot!

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