How COVID-19 Has Changed Social Media Engagement

How COVID-19 Has Changed Social Media Engagement?

The Novel CoronaVirus has had a huge impact on the social media engagement rates all around the globe. Talking particularly about India, the people are turning to social media way more than as they would have in normal circumstances. Obviously, the lockdown enforced by the Government plays a big role in this. 

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According to some stats, there is a drastic increase of about 87% in the hours spent on the social media daily. Before the lockdown was enforced, an average Indian user spent would spend 150 minutes a day on social media but in the first week of the lockdown, the number climbed up to 280 minutes a day. The figures include popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter. 

Statistics also say that the most used platforms during the lockdown were Instagram and Tiktok. Also, the latter witnessed the highest rate of increasing when it comes to app downloads and active users. Tiktok also completed a total of 2 billion downloads. 

Reasons for the Increase in Social Media Engagement 

The increased number of social media users currently is a result of many possible reasons. Let us see what they are how they have affected the digital world. 

People are Self-Isolated 

As mentioned earlier also, a large part of the world is currently practicing social distancing to avoid any chances of getting infected by the Corona Virus. So, life has become somewhat monotonous and boring. As a result of this, people keep on checking their social media constantly out of boredom which then increases the total usage hours of social media in a day. 

Also, as people are locked down in their houses, social media is the only place where they can interact and stay connected with their friends and family. Additionally, platforms like Tiktok are a great place to showcase your talent to the world. Now that most of us have the ‘extra time’, more and more people are joining Tiktok and other social media platforms to do something new and also to keep themselves entertained. 

Lastly, as people are working from their homes, it is only natural that they will tend to use their mobile phones more and also the social media. As there are no supervising seniors and also the working environment that an office creates, the temptation of just randomly checking the phones increases.  

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Social Media is a Source of Information

Many people use social media for getting updates all around the globe. Yes, it is a popular opinion that social media is a great platform if you want to consume some news. Also, people find it better than the news apps because in social media apps like Instagram or Facebook, they only get updates about the things they like or the people they follow. So, it is a more customized platform when it comes to information. 

Moreover, now that the pandemic has hit the world and there is news about it everywhere regarding vaccines, infections, death, lockdown and so on, people want to stay active on social media so that they can be more aware and informed about the current affairs. 

For instance, the statistics show that each time PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation to announce something publicly like the Janta Curfew or Lockdown and its extensions, the social media engagements witnessed a drastic jump. This is because people retweeted such announcements or gave their opinions about it. Also, celebrities, sportsmen and politicians also made it a point to urge people through their social media posts to respect and follow the lockdown. 

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Closure of Educational Institutes 

It is of common knowledge that the majority of the total social media users consist of people below the age of 25. Platforms such as Tiktok is completely a youth-oriented channel as almost 80% of the audience is below the age of 30. The case with Instagram is also more ore less the same. 

Now that due to the coronavirus outbreak, all the educational institutes such as schools, colleges and tuitions have temporarily been closed, the number of people using social media and the frequency of their usage has been increased dramatically. Although some institutes have come up with the solution of online classes but obviously, they are not as effective as offline teaching. Social media proves to be a big distraction for them. 

Moreover, most of the school examinations, college semester examinations and many of the competitive examinations have been postponed or in some cases even cancelled. So, this takes away the primary motive from the students to study as things are not very certain at this point of time and they do not have a clear idea about their academics. 

Conclusively, social media is the only source of entertainment left currently as we are locked down in our houses. So, the frequency of the scrolling of social media is bound to be increased. 

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What Should Brands do to Increase their Social Media Engagement?

Still struggling with below average social media engagement? Don’t worry, here are some of the ways that you can try to level up your social media game. 

Don’t Post Without Purpose 

It is statistically proven that posting less content results in increased engagement rates. So, does this mean that you post only once in a week or two? Not necessarily, because the point is that post only if you think the post serves a purpose and has something that people should know. Not because you have not posted anything for a while and decide to publish any random content which is not meaningful. 

Also, it is only logical that a better post will get more likes and content than an average one. So, make sure that your post is relevant to the primary objective of your business and also it should educate the consumer in a certain way. 

Post Interactive Content 

Engagement essentially means the number of likes, comments and shares received on your post. So, the best way to increase social media engagement is to publish content that urges the consumer to participate in your post. 

Major channels like Instagram and Facebook have options for posting interactive content like quizzes, pick-one options, voting and so on. So, make it a point to use these options once in a while. 

Additionally, publish posts that ask the users to communicate their suggestions in the comments or you can also ask their favourites in a certain category like movies, sportsmen or something which is relevant to your brand. 

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Focus on Influencer Marketing  

At a time like this, influencer marketing can be more effective than ever before. A recent study shows that the engagement rates of both micro and macro influencers have dramatically increased. 

The number of likes, comments and also clicks on the influencer accounts has seen an increase in this pandemic. So, now might be the right time to use an effective influencer marketing campaign for your brand if you are looking for some digital marketing campaign to activate. 

A small piece of advice from, our side would be to collaborate with micro-influencers as they generally higher engagement rates due to their small but very loyal audience. 

Do Not Focus on Selling 

Yes, you might be going through a rough patch and your business might be suffering losses but now is not the time to sell. To assure long term brand value and recognition, you must plan something that adds value to the consumer’s life. 

Marketing essentially focuses on satisfying the consumer and thereby making a profit from them. However, things are a little different right now so you should not care about making profits at the moment. After all, the best way to sell is to help. Make a person’s life easy and he will definitely become a customer eventually. 

Review and Renew Your Marketing Budget

As there are lesser ads running on the digital world due to lack of competition, the CPC and the overall cost of an advertisement campaign have decreased by 47% in comparison to the costs before the pandemic. 

So, if you have a social media marketing campaign in mind, do not wait anymore to activate it as when else do you think you can run a full-fledged campaign at half the normal cost?


Things are obviously not normal so fully figuring out the social media game is not possible but what we can do is try. Just focus on assisting the consumer, building strong future relations and most importantly adapting to the changes real fast. Make sure you that and success will show up sooner or later. 

If you have any ideas that have worked for your brand, do not fail on sharing the, with us in the comments below.

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