How Smartphone Makers Are Killing It With Their Influencer Tie-Ups

How Smartphone Makers Are Killing It With Their Influencer Tie-Ups

Smartphones are all the rage in today’s media-centric world. Smartphone makers are leaving no stones unturned in their quest for market supremacy and their recent tactics to rope in the most influential people on the planet for their products stands testament to this fact.

Market leaders like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple are followed by a dozen more smartphone manufacturers that have mastered the art of influential marketing to meet their aims.

In today’s world of social media frenzy, nothing goes unnoticed by the millennials and Generation Z who are hooked onto social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Smartphone makers have learned to target this point by collaborating with top influencers from these social media sites.

From big wigs like Hollywood and Bollywood superstars, pop artists, big Youtubers to gamers and photography experts, the marketing segment of big companies has roped in a healthy mix of influential people that can boost their brand image to the next level.

Here’s how some major players in the market have managed to wow us with their influential collaborations:


Ever since its formation in December of 2013 and the launch of its maiden phone in 2014, One Plus has had a cult following.  Under the aegis of its parent corporation Oppo, One Plus has garnered millions of fans and followers over the years. This was made possible by a healthy mix of great products that the company termed as ” Flagship Killers” with clever marketing tactics involving the biggest influencers on Earth.

The Company first made splashes in the influential marketing arena with its  ” One Plus Star Community ” which featured 10 stars from different backgrounds. The list included Amitabh Bachchan, Sushant Singh Rajput, Sania Mirza, Vir Das, and Rajiv Makhani, all of whom were depicted to use the One Plus 3T as their daily driver.

One Plus kicked it up a notch with its newer models when it brought together a slew of young gamers from YouTube to review its One Plus 7pro. This was done to influence the gaming community and the younger audience.

They finally hit it for a home run when they partnered with Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man as the face of One Plus 7 Pro in a very clever marketing strategy.

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LG is not as popular with its range of phones as some other major manufacturers but that did not deter the company from tying up with BTS, one of the most influential youngsters on Earth and the some of the biggest pop stars IN 2018 that saw a considerable boost in its sales. That’s some well-orchestrated influential marketing for you! LG has done something like this in the past as well when it worked with prominent photographers on Instagram for the LG V20.

LG was able to stir up incredibly high levels of engagement, drive awareness amongst millions, and double their sales.  

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Motorola was one of the earliest devices to rake in millions in dollars and fans with its Youtube influencer project when it launched the Moto Z line up of phones and their Mods. These devices were marked for a young demographic that wanted to swap their mods for wider applicability of accessories. The company worked with 13 influencers across multiple verticals to target audience and reach a broad range of consumers.

Just like the influencers behind the success of these brands, you too can be a part of something huge if you are an influencer in your circle. Get in touch and we’ll help you get a bigger reach!

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