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How #stayhome Campaign Is Making Indian People Aware Of COVID-19

The social media has been influential in shaping the outlook of the Generation Zen towards any situation or crisis that has taken place in the recent past. The Corona Virus outbreak has been no different. The social media influencers and brands together have been very helpful for spreading awareness to the respective audience about the COVID-19 disease

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Major social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok have come up with ‘Stay Home’ stickers and filters that urge the users to stay at their homes and thereby try to flatten curve. What is very heartening to see here is that the influencers have come up together and have been using these stickers regularly to tell the people about how social distancing can help them in the current scenario. 

Moreover, many Government officials have also realised that social media is the key to make the millennials more aware and informed. So, they have been continuously encouraging the influencers to create content that can genuinely make a difference in this situation of crisis. 

As we know, nearly all the social media sites have launched this kind of campaign that urges the users to stay at their homes and to maintain social distancing. Let us now analyze how these campaigns have been framed and how they are performing individually. 

Instagram ‘Stay Home’ Campaign

Instagram is one of the most active social media sites in the world and it never fails to launch campaigns that hugely benefit the society. The same happened in the case of the COVID-19 outbreak too.

As soon as the World Health Organisation announced it as a pandemic, Instagram announced updates which gave people more access to accurate information. Also, it added features that motivated people to stay safe and stay connected. 

The ‘Stay Home’ Campaign from Instagram is essentially launched to prioritize safety. It is a sticker which when people use it in their stories is shown in a separate ‘Stay Home’ tab. This is done to educate people to stay at their residences and also to share how you are practicing social distancing or what activities you are doing during the quarantine period. 

Apart from the ‘Stay Home’ sticker, Instagram has come up with various other features too which aim to benefit the people during this pandemic. Let us have a look at what they are. 

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Accurate Information

The social media, in spite of having numerous benefits, is criticized because it is a medium where a huge deal of fake news is spread to millions of people every day. So, to tackle this serious issue, Instagram took some very important steps to make sure that accurate information is accessed by the users. 

So, now with the new updates, if you search for the term ‘Coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’ in the search option to get some information about the same, you will be shown an educational message that redirects you to the WHO site which is the most credible source of information globally. 

Additionally, Instagram has been removing the COVID-19 accounts from the recommendations section unless they are posted from a credible and a genuine organization. 

Community Supporting

As we know, the whole world is suffering from this outbreak directly and indirectly but there are some of us who are really finding it to difficult making ends meet. There are certain people who were daily wage earners and used to buy their necessities from what they earned each day. But, now as there is no chance of employment, even getting two meals a day is becoming a challenging task for them. 

So, Instagram has launched certain features that request us to help those communities who are suffering. It has launched some donation stickers that you can use to encourage people to donate to various NGOs. 

Also, the social media giant is taking measures to make people aware of the relevant and genuine organizations to whom you can donate. 

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TikTok Stay Home Campaign

Tiktok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the history of the internet. It mostly consists of the millennials who are very active on the app. 

As the world was hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, Tiktok did not at all took long to launch its campaign that urged people to practice social distancing. 

Tiktok partnered with some amazing celebrities and launched the campaign which is called #HappyAtHome. In this campaign, these celebrities and some really talented people perform for the Tiktok audience worldwide through a Live Stream. 

Particularly for the Indians, the Chinese company launched the #GharBaithoIndia campaign where prominent Indian celebrities and some amazing creators have come forward to tell you what all things you can do to kill the boredom during lockdown period. 

Here are some of the things from the #GharBaithoIndia campaign that are might interest you:

Original Soundtracks: There is no better option than music in the time of self-isolation. I think most of you would agree on this. So, Tiktok partnered with certain celebrities who made original music on their experience of the isolation. They also made a lot of motivational songs too. 

So, the Tiktok users can use these tracks to make their own videos and can share them too. The celebrities who came forward to create these music renditions include Kartik Aaryan, Tony Kakkar, Abby Viral and more. 

Game On: Tiktok also launched some very enjoyable virtual games that can be played on their app. Cross the Wall, Fight with Virus, Explore Under Water and the Cricket game are some of the fun activities that you can look for in Tiktok and enjoy them with you friends and family.  

Celebrity & Creators: As we know, Tiktok is a highly popular social media platform and more and more celebrities are showing their online presence through this medium. So, popular Tiktok creators and even Bollywood celebrities like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Riteish Deshmukh, Shilpa Shetty, Rannvijay Singh and many more are very active on Tiktok and share their moments of fun and leisure about how their quarantine life is going on. 

Live on Tiktok: This is the biggest update that Tiktok is currently working on to provide unlimited entertainment to the users. They are currently partnering with various experts of different fields such as educational institutes, musicians, comedy creators and celebrities to provide exclusive live content to you. 

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Role Of Influencers

It is of common knowledge that the key to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak lies in the hands of the millennials. They constitute the larger population of the world and the most effective way that can influence them positively in this situation of crisis is none but the Social Media. 

So, Government officials of various countries are encouraging the social media influencers out there to make content that educates people about the numerous benefits of staying home and staying well sanitized. 

The influencers also deserve due credit as they are rightly playing their part in spreading awareness among the millennials. Here are some of the ways by social media influencers are making a difference in this global calamity. 

Educating The Consumers

The main role of influencers is to affect their followers’ life in a positive way. They should tirelessly work to make content that adds some value to the consumers’ life. 

Amidst this challenging situation, influencers are really playing their part well because many almost all of them are regularly posting updates on how the people should keep themselves safe from this virus and also about the benefits of washing their hands regularly.

Additionally, we all sometimes tend to fall for fake news and rumours that are endlessly spreading out there. So, many of the influencers have made it a point to regularly post updates regarding Corona Virus from genuine sources to keep the people informed. 

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Helping The Community 

While we are comfortably sitting at home and probably enjoying snacks while enjoying Netflix, there are some of us who are very severely affected by this lockdown and are finding it difficult to get enough food for survival. And yet look at us, complaining about boredom and monotonous life. 

So, these influencers are encouraging their followers to donate to the needy ones and that too through credible organizations that ensure that the funds will be utilized for a good cause only. 

Also, many of them have even found out new age ways of collecting funds and thereby donating them to the ones that need them. For instance, many gamers and streamers are now doing charity streams on YouTube for the purpose of collecting funds where you can donate funds through Superchat, Paytm or UPI

Additionally, the comedy community of India came forward with a noble cause of doing some really fun activities like Improv, Quizzes, Roasts and more on live streams on YouTube for the purpose of donating the money that is generated. The campaign is called ‘Stay Home For India’ and many leading comedians of the country like Zakir Khan, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Kannez Surka, Tanmay Bhatt and Many more were a part of this. 

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Motivating People

People have now been sitting at their homes for more than 2-3 weeks and yes, it is becoming a little frustrating for most of us now. Some of us are sitting without work, some of us are not receiving are full salaries and some of us who are businessmen are just assuming the losses that have happened and that will continue to incur. 

So, yes, this is a difficult time that we are all dealing with right now. The influencers, who have rightly assessed the situation right now are therefore working hard (from their homes) to make some positive content for us. Something that makes us happy and adds some value to our lives.  

Additionally, influencers are also regularly telling people about how they should spend their quarantine lives. For instance, some are sharing some content recommendations and some are sharing work-out routines that can be done in the house. 


As the social media platforms and the influencers are working continuously to convince us to stay at our homes, it becomes our responsibility to play our part as well by maintaining social distancing. 

So, if you have something to share with us about what you liked about these campaigns or how this lockdown life is affecting you, do feel free to comment down below.

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