How to become a travel influencer

How To Become A Travel Influencer

Social media came to change our lives almost a decade ago and thereafter came with it some hundred other professions that no one thought could have existed. It opened various new income generating avenues for people who did want to live their life in a very orthodox way. Yes, I am talking about the social media influencers. It is probably the biggest economic benefit that the world of social media had to offer. A particular type of social media influencers which is really talked about recently is ‘Travel Influencer’. They literally make money living the life of their dreams. 

Well, it is one of the coolest types of the influencers out there and is made for people who are in love with travelling and exploring the world. According to a recent stat report, ‘how to become a travel blogger‘ was one of the most searched phrases on google. So, there is no point doubting this profession’s popularity in a country like India where the people using smartphones and social media are increasing day by day.  

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Who Is a Travel Influencer?

Let us start with the basics and talk about what exactly is travel influencing. Well, a Travel Influencer is essentially a content creator who writes about or posts pictures and videos about the different places around the world that he/she visits. People get inspired and fascinated by their content. 

Travel Influencers are getting highly popular these days because of many reasons. One of them being that the places that they cover in their tour and publish about work as a guide for the people who are planning to visit the same place. 

Secondly, there are many of us who cannot even dream about visiting Spain or Switzerland. So, such people travel and experience the world through the posts or pictures of the influencer.  

Now, coming to the financial part of the game, travel influencers, like any other social media influencer get paid pretty well. You may ask how and what for? Well, Influencer Marketing and its numerous benefits is the answer to your question.

As we know, some travel influencers who have a good number of followers and receive decent engagement rates on their posts are often looked out for by brands who aim at promoting themselves or a particular product or service of theirs. 

The form of rewarding may differ with brands. For instance, some brand might offer a particular amount of money to the influencer for the collaboration while some other may offer a sponsored trip for the same.

One great example of a perfect travel influencer marketing campaign can be AirBnb’s marketing campaign where the company collaborated with many big and small social media influencers to promote their service. The starts included the likes of Martin Garrix and Drake.  

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How to Become A Travel Influencer? 

Well, there is not start to stop perfect plan for anything but here in Lets Influence, after hours of thorough research, we present to you certain tips and suggestions that are worth considering if you have made it your goal to become a successful Travel Influencer. Let us have a look:

1. Don’t do it just for the money.

Before making any decision about choosing travel influencing as a profession, make it really very clear that only do it if you are in love with travelling and exploring the world is much more than just spending your 2 weeks a year vacation. 

It has been time and again proven that people who have given their primary focus on their passion and money being the secondary one has been able to make it big in their respective industries.  

Also, do remember that it will take a good amount of time, hard work and decent content before you even start to recover your travelling expenses. So, dreaming about humongous profits and collaborations with big brands just after a month or so in the business may seem to a little unreasonable.

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2. Understand that Travel Influencing is much more than a hobby.

It is very important to learn at a very early stage that travel influencing is not just a hobby. Rather, it is very much a full-time gig. So, make it very clear that it is very much possible that you might not taste success in this profession if you just do it on a vacation or a long weekend. 

You will essentially have to quit your 9-5 job if you want to make it big in this industry. Yeah, it might sound a little scary but it is the ultimate truth. You just have to figure out the timing about when you should take this decision. 

Spend a good amount of time making this decision as it will be one of the most difficult choices that you will ever make. Whatever may the choice may be, just make sure it is worth it. 

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3. Explore Your Own City.

It is a very popular opinion that only the travel influencers who visit and cover abroad become more successful. Well, it is not at all correct. India, being as wonderful a country as it is, every neighbourhood has something distinctive to offer. 

So, do not what other say, just go about exploring your own city and it is of high possibility that you will find and build an audience that will loyally follow you. 

Also, this is the best option for someone who has just started with this profession and does not have a very heavy investment to make in their travel plans. 

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4. Use Different Social Media Platforms.

As you know there are more people on the social media now then ever. Pursuing travel influencing also means that you are a social media influencer and you must be active on all the popular platforms to reach out to a larger audience base. 

If you’re into pictures capturing the scenic beauty or the local culture, Instagram is more than a compulsory option for you. It is one of the most active social media platforms out there.

Moreover, if you are into posting short videos using some filters, Tiktok would be the best possible resource you could use. 

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5. Invest in Your Art.

As, I have repeatedly mentioned, being a travel Influencer is a full-time thing, so like any other business, it is essential to invest well in the essentials that will make your business grow.

For example, for effective and impactful content, using a DSLR is considered very important. Although, nowadays smartphones come with very high-resolution cameras but a digital camera and its minute detail capturing abilities remain unparalleled. 

Also, invest in some editing software if you think you really need it. According to a stat, more than 86% of the top travel influencers in the world use editing software to enhance the picture quality. 

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6. Establish a Healthy Professional Relationship with The Clients.

As unconventional a profession Travel influencing may sound, do not fail to maintain professionalism with your clients because remember that most of your finances would be coming in from brands that work in a corporate nature. 

So, do assure timely completion and submission of your projects and discuss your payment related queries and issues beforehand and that too formally in a well written email. 

Reach out to brands and tell them what you have to offer them. Create a well-designed portfolio containing your best content pieces. 

Also, be flexible and do the changes that are required by the brands. The goal is to maintain a healthy relationship with the brand for the long term. 

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Moreover, be yourself and remember being genuine and truly authentic to the craft will take you a long way. So, research well about what needs to be put in and more importantly, what does your audience expects from you. 

Travel Influencing is one of the few professions that allow you to live your dream. It may sound a little cliché but believe me it is a really big thing.  

So, do not wait a little more and start exploring this beautiful planet.

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