How to work with Social Media Influencers

How to work with Social Media Influencers

In this blog you’ll learn how you can work with social media influencers. Influencer marketing is a business collaboration done for promoting products, services or campaigns. It is becoming one of the most efficient and effective strategies for those who want to reach potential buyers for their products and services. It is also significantly cheaper compared to the age-old classic advertising.

If you are aiming for the perfect marketing campaign, it is important to be wise while selecting the right social influencers.

Always consider the three Rs before pairing up with any social media influencer:

  • Relevance: 
    The influencer you approach should be having an audience that aligns with your target market.
  • Reach: 
    The potential number of people that your product can reach with the engagement of the influencer.
  • Resonance: 
    It refers to the level of engagement that the influencer can create with an audience relevant to your product.

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Approach someone who could love what you have to offer: 

Before promoting anything, it is very important that the influencers have got a keen into similar or have done promotion for similar products in the past. 
So always look for influencers who match your brand values, who influence your target customer and promote the product with passion.

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The deal should be mutually beneficial:

Having a great number of followers doesn’t necessarily mean that they have everything that they want. When you approach an influencer for promotion, try to make the deal mutually beneficial. Apart from the fixed fee that they charge, invite them to events at which they can make more networks and promote themselves. With something extra up their sleeve, they will work much harder in promoting your product.

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Look Out For Dedicated Audience Engagement

When you are looking out for an influencer for your brand promotion, the number of followers should not be the prime criteria. Going for an influencer with a small reach but a dedicated audience is always better than someone with a huge reach of casually-connected fans who are casual followers of the influencer. So choose your influencer carefully.

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Build Connections

Building connections is very important when you and your product are new to the market. The influencers have choices among many great products and will try to give privilege to the people who have got a strong bonding with them or are familiar to them. Try to go to conferences, send emails and stay active on the influencer’s profile. Share their content. If you are finding it hard to fully engage yourself due to your heavy schedule, you can check with some of the top marketing influencers in the market.

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Don’t Limit Yourself Only To Celebrities

Yes, it sounds really tempting, to say your brand is getting pitched by some celebrity. But sometimes it may not really work out. At times it could be smart enough to align with influencers who are less known in general but have well-respected in your target market. They can turn out to deliver better results and that too on a cost-benefit basis.

Reach Out Privately And Personally

Try avoiding mass email or generic DM. Instead drop in a direct message or even an email. It might seem like a tedious job to do. But it will show how serious you are about a potential partnership. It will also increase your chances of striking with the deal. While approaching an influencer, try to be as honest as you can be with your product. The best influencers are always honest and they expect the same from you. They respect their audience and always strive hard to give them genuine products which can turn out to be beneficial for them.  This mutual relationship helps to maintain the sense of trust that audiences have with the influencers, which plays a very crucial role in marketing process.

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