India goes Vocal for Local with its Short Video App Chingari

The recent ban on 59 Chinese apps by the government of India including the hugely popular app TikTok has put the spotlight on several Indian counterparts including  Chingari. The Chingari app zoomed past the staggering 10 million mark on Google play store in just 3 days post the ban. The application being touted as the desi alternative of Tiktok has been rated 4.7/5 on the Google play store. 

TikTok surpassed most of the social media apps in terms of engagement and downloads early this year. The China-based app had amassed immense popularity among the masses. It allowed its users to create short videos irrespective of any social barriers and stigma. The government has reasoned that the ban on TikTok and the other 58 apps came in the wake of the apps being “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”. This sudden move came as a shock to many of its content creators. However, there is no dearth of platforms in our country and hence many of the users switched to alternatives such as Chingari, Roposo, Likee and many others. 

Co-founder and Chief of Product and Growth, Sumit Ghosh shared on his twitter handle that the app marked a top conversion event with 148 million videos being watched, and 3.6 million videos being liked on the platform on July 2, 2020 itself. Needless to say, the ban on the ByteDance owned app TikTok, comes as a growth opportunity for Chingari which is seeing a stellar rise in user engagement with every passing day. 

Chingari, Your Desi Alternative to TikTok

Amidst the rising Indo-China border tensions, Chingari garnered a lot of social media buzz when CEO of the Mahindra & Mahindra conglomerate, Anand Mahindra voiced his preference for the app over TikTok and encouraged its growth on his Twitter handle. The short video platform, Chingari resonates with the Prime Minister’s call for  building ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat’ by treading the #VocalforLocal path. 

According to its Co-Founder Sumit Ghosh, Chingari was incubated by software development firm Globussoft, and the process to register it as a separate company is going on. It was founded by 2 Bengaluru-based programmers, Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam. Chingari is Indian in origin and is a free to download app available in multiple languages. It was launched on Google play-store 2018, albeit it entered the Apple store later in 2019. Aside from Hindi and English, Chingari users can access the app in a few Indian vernacular languages namely Bangla, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Odiya, Malayalam, and Punjabi. 

What Does It Offer?

The Chingari platform not only allows its users to upload, download and share short video content but also gives them access to a game zone and a news feed which lets you view trending news memes, clips for WhatsApp statuses and quotes. It also lets its users engage in conversations and content sharing. 

Chingari unlike TikTok provides incentives in the form of points per views for every video uploaded by the users. These points can later be redeemed for money. With its easy to use, swipe features, and indian sentiments attached; Chingari has gained a lot of traction among content creators.   

Looking at its tremendous growth, Cofounder Ghosh has projected a gain of 100 million users by the end of July. He also said that they hope to utilize this opportunity to raise funds to upscale their venture and engage deeply with content creators and Influencers

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