Influencer Marketing Trends 2019

Influencer Marketing Trends 2019

Influencer marketing has seen a meteoric rise in the last year. People are endorsing more of non- celebrity influencers to celebrity showing a clear shift in the marketing landscape.

As the competition is increasing, it becomes important for the brands to assess their present strategies, and get prepared for the directional changes and optimizing campaigns to meet business needs and thus, deliver high return on investment.

Let’s look into some of the most promising trends in the influencer market that will prevail as we make our way through 2019.  

The call for authentic content:

People are fed up with traditional advertisements and stock photos. 2019 look forward to a more authentic and transparent flavor for brands. People follow their individual followers for they trust in them and believe that they will always give honest and transparent insights into the various products.  

For brand affinity, influencers usually follow two ways. Technology and content-focused approach.  The content approach deals with episodic content showcasing raw craft.

Increasing competition leading to tougher market:

Every year new influencers join the party making it competitive then never before.  And more brands are getting engaged with the influencers to reach their target customer.

The marketers and influencers have to adapt community-driven marketing strategies to present engaging and authentic brand stories to which the customers can easily connect.

Using UGC across all marketing channels:

UGC or user-generated content is usually used on social media, but different brand companies are starting to implement it across various marketing channels.

They have started a new approach to mixing influencer content across email, advertising campaigns, etc. This approach helps in maintaining an authentic and consistent brand appearance across all the channels.

Rise of Nano-influencer:

Nano-influencers are those who have an uber-dedicated audience of around 1000 people. Brands see these as an opportunity to exchange the product for content instead of going for high-dollar contract based deals.

Nano-influencers are much easier for brands to deal with compared to famous influencers. Moreover, since they are comparatively new into the marketing world, they will try to demonstrate a high-level of commitments to make sure the brand’s product is well presented.

Look out for verified influencer:

It may sound harsh. But it is a sad reality that along with the increasing number of good and honest influencers there is also an increase in fraudulence.

With the latest up-gradation in technology and software, anyone can buy a social account and purchase followers. There are even companies who help in creating millions of fraudulent account followers making them seem real and organic.

It’s very hard to differentiate as these accounts perform the same type of actions you’d expect from real users, including liking, commenting and reposting content.

It becomes very important in the part of the brands or third parties to ensure that the influencers they are pitching and working with has got verified audiences.

The brands and agencies are likely to adopt advanced analytics as best practice and use proven tools for help.

Instagram remains among the top mediums of marketing channel:

The Instagram community is increasing at a faster rate. People prefer Instagram over other social media platforms, as it focuses more on the main content rather than beating around the bush.

The platform is one of the leading platforms for brand influencer collaborations. In 2019 brands will be seen utilizing the rich visual content to amplify their voice stand to succeed.

Influencer marketing creates a whole new realm of human-to-human connection and brand creativity, added with an endless network of individuals who resemble their own media company. Winning over an audience should come from an authentic hunger for pleasing customers and not for pushing money into products which are not well received by the market.

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