MUSIC AND YOGA: The Perfect Ingredients To A Happy Mind And Healthy Body

Music And Yoga: The Perfect Ingredients To A Happy Mind And Healthy Body

21st June marks the celebration of two practices that have revolutionized the physical and mental well-being of humanity. In 2016, Yoga found its footing as an international practice on this day. 

However, this day is also celebrated as World Music Day since 1982. Both these as activities are completely different in origin but induce the same feeling of joy.

While music is as old as mankind itself, Yoga is an ancient practice as well that traces its foundation as early as 3000 B.C in India.

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Both Yoga and Music are similar in the sense that they were developed as ways to achieve harmony between the heart and soul on the path to divine enlightenment. Love is the common factor that binds Yoga and Music together.

While Music makes use of various instruments to produce melodious tunes and sounds, Yoga transforms the body into an instrument itself which paves way for a healthier way of life.

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The benefits of Yoga are endless and have been listed in various sources over the centuries. It is a miracle exercise for both body and soul. On the other hand, Music is a healer in more ways than one and its positive effect on our mental health is a well-known fact.

The traditional form of Yoga did not imbibe any musical notes in it when it first came into being and traditional Yoga practitioners strictly adhere to silence and peace as the best environment to practice this ancient art.

But as Yoga evolved over time and spread its wings to other parts of the world, it has found acceptance and undergone alterations to amalgamate with Music to form a bond that is even more effective in tuning the body and mind. 

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Shakti Yoga is an ancient practice that uses hymns and chants to stimulate the chakras and prepare the senses for higher consciousness. This centuries-old form of Yoga is the earliest known relation of Music with Yoga.

Yoga can be practiced in silence, but its effects can be magnified to great extents if it is paired with music that is pleasant to the ears. Here are a few ways in which Yoga and Music combine to work wonders:

  • Meditating through Music:- Yoga is a form of meditation and it was believed that Yoga only bodes well with silence. However, music has the power to cancel all volatility in our surroundings to help us focus better and find stillness in the mind, which is what meditation is all about!
  • Enhancing Movement through Music:- Practicing Asanas is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some of them are simple to learn and pose for, many others need your undivided attention and grace. This is where Music sweeps in. Listening to music creates a positive mood by strengthening our brain signals. The effect of music on Yoga is so strong that it transforms into more of an effortless dance than just posture.

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Choosing the right music for Yoga is of utmost importance. You cannot expect to pair Rap or Metal music with Yoga as that would defeat the purpose of Yoga as a meditative activity. Yoga Music is a symphony of tunes that provides effective healing and therapy. Bringing Yoga and Music together creates a powerful and fulfilling experience. If you are a Yoga practitioner or a Music artist looking to spread your influence of this mesmerizing amalgamation, Let’s Influence the world together and make it a better place.

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