Our Vision

We strongly believe that anyone with strong social connection is an influencer, the offerings of an individual owned social profile varies depending upon the number of following or support the profile has from the people who follow them.

To be an Influencer you don’t have to be a labelled tiktok, facebook, youtube, instagram recognised profile. You just need to have a strong community as your followers, no matter what the count of your followers is.

We are driven by the passion to create an equal work distributed community with wages similar from top to bottom level. We plan to achieve so by bridging the gap between influencers, micro influencers & niche/starter influencers and we believe that each of these profiles have some core offerings which the other level of the community can’t offer, thus it provides us a chance to create a standardized and more structured community.

We are always on a look out for talented
people to help us shape the world of

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