Role of Technology in Influencer Marketing

Role of Technology in Influencer Marketing

Role of Technology in Influencer Marketing:- Technology has changed the way things used to work. It has changed our way of doing things. Artificial Intelligence has advanced to a different level altogether. So much that we now ask Alexa to switch on the fan. Obviously, it goes without saying that technology has had a great impact on many industries. In fact, the tech industry itself is the trillion-dollar industry. One cannot forget that it is the technology that has gifted us the internet and thereafter the social media. Our life largely revolves around the two. Also, social media itself helped many businesses getting famous when brands realized how it can be used for social media marketing. It also made way for influencer marketing, a part of the digital marketing world which is the newest to the town. 

The above lines were just a segue to our topic which is Influencer marketing and how technology has played a role in shaping it. If you are still confused about what influencer marketing is, don’t worry, we will definitely help you out.

Influencer Marketing is a type of a digital marketing strategy where brands take help of social media influencers in order to promote themselves. They benefit from the online reach of the influencer and in return, the influencer is compensated for the collaboration. So, this shows that it is a two-way process. 

Influencer Marketing is getting very popular among brands and marketers all over because of the fact that it has the highest return on investment among all social media marketing techniques. 

Influencer Marketing is supported by a strong brand reputation of the social media influencer and the campaign is backed by good content which really pushes and thrives the campaign. 

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Role Of Technology In Influencer Marketing

Now that you know what Influencer Marketing, it is time to know the various ways by which technology is affecting it and will possibly continue to affect it in the days to come. So, here they are:

1.  Video Content

It is quite evident from the stats and the human experience that a larger part of the audience is interested in watching video content than the blogs and pictures. It is more attractive and hence provides a higher reach and engagement rates to the brands. 

Also, purely video content apps like YouTube and Tiktok are having the highest number of users and also the return on investment that they are providing is insane. 

It is the technology that has helped social media with video content and newer updates are coming to reality every week. In fact, now, if you have a good internet connection, you can even go on to shoot a live video which can be watched real time by all your followers and they can also comment down anything during the length of the video. 

Facebook was the first to introduce the live video format and thereafter many other platforms went on to join it. 

Moreover, video content is very helpful for influencer marketing because it is a long-format type which lets the influencer provide a meaningful piece of content which explains everything which the brand wishes them to. Not every product can be sold by a picture of the influencer using it; it just does not satisfy the cause.

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2. Artificial Intelligence  

We cannot talk about technology without talking about Artificial Intelligence. It just cannot happen. AI has helped taking technology to a level where it knows better than us that what we might want to watch next, 

It has helped set up algorithms in a very personalized way that the brands exactly know whom to target and who will be the potential consumers for their product. It has made influencer marketing more specific and effective. 

Also, Artificial intelligence helps in finding out and then filtering the best social media influencers that will perfectly match your brand’s requirements. 

They make sure that the audience of the influencer, their reach, the industry in which they work and their compensations exactly match your preferences. It is as specific as it gets. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning also help in identifying consumer needs and interests. This way they can make the best product out there for you and also take help of the right influencer to reach out to you.

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3. Technology Helps in Measuring the Campaign Results. 

It is of popular opinion that influencer marketing is the highest return yielding marketing techniques. But the question is how would you measure the results of the campaign? How would you know if your campaign has been successful or not? 

Well, technology has an answer for that too. There are various ways that you can use to measure if your campaign has yielded you the desired results or not. These include Cost-to-Click ratios, engagement rates, clicks and some other factors. There are various tools available on the internet, both paid and unpaid, for the same. 

The best part is that they tell you the very specifics about your campaign. For example, if you are working with various influencers, the tools can help you find out about the influencer that has been able to reach out to the most people and also the post or the piece of the content that has performed the best or the worst.

This gives you an idea about what really works in the influencer marketing game and what does the audience expects from you. 

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4. Technology is Generating More and More Avenues for Influencer Marketing.

The technology in the current has become more accessible than ever. It is for this reason that now even a teenager can develop a certain app or website which can be used for literally anything. 

With, technology being so accessible, there came into existence more and more social media platforms that turned out to be ideal for brands for promoting themselves through social media marketing. 

Thanks to the plethora of options available to the content marketers right now, influencer marketing is not just limited to Instagram or Facebook. There are various other options that have been turning out to be way more profitable than the most generic ones. Some of the popular ones are Vigo, YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat, Blog posts and so on. 

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5.  Technology Has Affected Consumer Behaviour

Anyone with even a basic sense of economics will tell you the fact that demand for a product greatly depends on consumer behaviour. A great part of marketing is really to find out what the consumer wants and thereafter creating the perfect product or service for the customer. 

This satisfies the traditional definition of marketing which says that ‘Marketing is the process of anticipating, identifying and satisfying the consumer’s needs and thus making profit for the business’. 

The technology has greatly affected the consumer’s behaviour. The most important positive change is definitely the ease of the unlimited supply of information available to the consumer. According to a survey, 61% of the consumers search the internet before buying any product. 

So, the brands are now increasing their online presence and the reputation with the help of Influencer marketing.  

Secondly, technology has satisfied the need for personalization, both for the brand and for the consumer. The consumer can now look up on the internet for the exact thing that he wants with all the customizations and the brand can now know the exact specifics that the customer wants. So, it is a win-win for both of them. 

This is the reason why Influencer marketing is helpful because the brands can choose from a wide variety of influencers who satisfies their requirements with the help of micro-influencers who are known for having a very niche but loyal audience who are interested in a certain industry only and can be targeted by the brand effectively. 

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It is of common thought that a business is bound to grow if it is easily accessible, satisfies consumer needs and can cope up with the changing consumer behaviour and pattern. Influencer Marketing can exactly do that for you. It just depends on how good a campaign you have created. 

If you have any more ideas and thoughts that throw light on Influencer Marketing, do not forget to comment down and let us all know about them.

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