The Art of Captivating Your Audience On Social Media

The Art of Captivating Your Audience On Social Media

Gone are the days of having to limit your expressions via the 280 character limit on Twitter. Pictures and videos have emerged as the new, more intuitive vessels of communication. 

There has been a major shift in the social media paradigm as picture and video sharing mediums like Snap Chat and Instagram have come to the fore to replace the initial generation of social media like Myspace and Orkut.

Influencer Marketing has benefitted heaps and bounds from the evolution of these picture and video sharing platforms. 

But what differentiates an average everyday content shared by millions of people posting daily from the type of images that gain the attention many people covet?

Let’s try to answer this question by giving a comprehensive overview of how to up the ante and take your influence on your peers to the next level.

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Improve On Image Quality

The basic formula to leave an impression with your pictures is to work on the image quality. This can be achieved by either getting a piece of better camera equipment or just improvising on the editing. But this does not mean that your smartphone camera won’t suffice. In fact, its more than enough if you tick all the other factors that matter, inclusive of editing. Sometimes all it takes is improving the framing and composition or the camera angles to get the perfect shot.

The perfect lighting for any imagery is of crucial importance. You can work on improving it by adding a few more lights. For moments when the lighting is not under your control and the ambient lighting is not up to the mark, get creative with shots to mould them according to the lighting available.

Your background can also act as a double-edged sword. While a fantastic background can get you on the esteemed trending list, a bad one can ruin your imagery. 

There’s also the option for free stock pictures if you’re into that. Sites like, Pixabay, Pexels, Reshot and Burst offer a plethora of stock images to choose from.

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Dish Out Consistent Content

Consistent and quality content is key to engaging more followers and gaining viewership. Don’t work on opposite sides of the emotional spectrum or genres when posting content. This will confuse the audience and you won’t be able to find your niche. 

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Branding is an essential part of marketing your content. It helps the people who follow you to associate your content with your channel/page/account. A clever branding tactic is sure to leave an impression. Branding can be done in videos by using an in video graphic of the logo or adding a watermark of your logo. You can also put it on the background or work on your merchandise if that’s feasible.

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Use Of Texts And Captions

Do pictures speak a thousand words? Sure.  But they can always use a few more, especially when the benefits are plenty!

Texts and captions give more depth and context to your content. Focus on the fonts and tone and inculcate captions in order to stimulate the interests of your viewers.

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Go Mobile

Technology is steering the world towards a mobile future and mobile devices are growing at an unprecedented rate. This has reduced the use of bulky PCs for social media interaction as people prefer to log on to their smartphone apps for the same. 

In order to reach this massive audience that consists largely of Generation Z and millennials, you need to optimize your content to suit mobile devices. Avoid the inclusion of too much detail or small sized texts that could be easily ignored when viewed from mobile devices. 

Contrasting colours and popping imagery can propel your content catching the attention of your audience. 

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