The Current Best Influencers of India

The Current Best Influencers Of India

We might be right when we say that the Internet is the invention that has influenced us the most in this decade. It has been everywhere and changed the way things used to work for us. Although it has brought into existence many things that are a really important part of our lives now but hands down the biggest of them has to be social media. 

Social media has brought the world so much closer and also made it so accessible. The platforms that it offers such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are a great source of content which adds value to the consumers life. Although some might have a different opinion about this, but I strongly believe that the content that these platforms produce is way more relevant and soon become the primary source of entertainment, leaving behind the traditional media. 

However, the less talked about aspect of the social media is the commercial benefits that it has to offer to the brands. As we all know, this medium is one of the fastest growing ones currently, the reach that it provides is unparalleled. Today, Social Media Marketing is on the top of every marketer’s and brand’s checklist and businesses are promoting themselves through the digital world more than ever.

Who Is An Influencer? 

A social media influencer is an individual or a business entity who has a decent follower base in the social media platforms and they have an influence over their followers. To make things clear, they are people who their followers believe.

Additionally, influencers create an economic opportunity for a brand by changing the consumer preferences of their followers. How do they do it? Well, simply by the creation of demand. Suppose an Influencer whom you follow endorses a certain product on his social media platforms. If it falls in the areas of your interests, you will be a little tempted to buy the product, right? 

Now, the question arises that how can an influencer benefit economically from his follower base? Well, you might have heard about something called- ‘Influencer Marketing’. It is essentially the collaboration of brands with influencers to promote themselves and give their brand awareness a boost. Of course, the influencers in return are compensated for this partnership. 

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Best Influencers Of India

In a country like India where smartphone users are increasing day by day, social media users are bound to increase. So, ultimately, there is a chance that Social media influencer as a profession has more chances of being successful. 

There are literally a million influencers right now who are trying to make it big in this industry. However, a brand should set certain parameters before signing deals with influencers. For instance, the number of followers, the reach on the posts, the engagement levels on the post, etc, should be taken into taken into account. 

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Here is a list of the best influencers currently that India has to offer the world of social media: 

Jannat Zubair 

Jannet Zubair Current Best Influencers Of India
Jannet Zubair Current Best Influencers Of India

Jannat Zubair is a hugely popular Tiktok celebrity and also has as many 15 Million followers on Instagram. She started her Telly career with a show named Phulwa which aired on Colours TV. 

After seeing her huge popularity among the younger generations, many big Music companies offered her star in their music videos. She also starred in the movie Hichki in 2018. 

Riaz Aly

Riaz Aly - Best Influencer Of India
Riaz Aly Current Best Influencers Of India

Another start from the Tiktok world, Riaz Aly has about 6.8 million followers on Instagram at the time of writing this article. This goes on to prove that Tiktok has been the most swiftly growing social media platform currently. 

Riaz has collaborated with many big Bollywood celebrities like Dipika Padukone, Urvashi Rautela and many more. He has also featured in a number of music albums and YouTube videos. He is amongst the highest paid Tiktok influencers in India. 

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Kusha Kapila

Kusha Current Best Influencers Of India

Kusha is a content creator who primarily focuses on making comedy videos. She currently has as many as 916k followers on Instagram. She is very active on her social media and has more than 1550 posts on her Instagram. She is one of the busiest social media influencers out there and has worked with several brands like Netflix, Dineout, MensXP and so on. 

She initially started as a fashion blogger but her iDiva video of South Delhi girls became a viral sensation. 

Awez Darbar 

Awez Current Best Influencers Of India

Awez is primarily a choreographer and entertainer and has been regularly been posting dance videos on his YouTube channel. However, he gained immense popularity when he joined TikTok and started posting his dancing and lip-sync videos there. 

He has over 5 million followers on Instagram and regularly does brand endorsements there. He has also performed in various music albums and also has acted frequently. 

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Dolly Singh 

Dolly Singh Current Best Influencers Of India

Dolly is currently a senior content writer with iDiva and also makes funny videos alongside Kusha Kapila. These videos are actually her claim to fame. She has over 600,000 followers on Instagram and frequently collaborates with brands. 

Dolly is a political science graduate and like Kusha, she also started her career with Fashion blogging. But ever since the South Delhi Girls videos of the duo started getting viral, she frequently features in videos too. 

Kenny Sebastian 

 Kenny Sebastian  Best Influencers Of India
Kenny Sebastian Best Influencers Of India

Kenny Sebastian is a very popular stand-up comedian and is very popular among the young audience. He is a singer and a performer too and has his special called ‘Don’t be that Guy’ on Amazon Prime Video.

He has performed in various comedy sketches too and tours all around the globe for his comedy shows. He has about 785k followers on Instagram and millions on views in each of his comedy videos on his YouTube channels. He has worked as an influencer with various brands like Lenovo, One Plus and Free Fire. 

Ahsaas Channa

Ahsaas Channa Best Influencers Of India
Ahsaas Channa Best Influencers Of India

You must have seen in many YouTube videos by TVF, The Screen Patti or Filter Copy. She is an extremely talented actor who has made a name of herself in the digital scene. Her role in the highly acclaimed web series ‘Kota Factory’ was appreciated by many. 

She is extremely popular on Instagram too has she has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram as of now. Her Instagram handle goes by the name @ahsaassy_.

She has worked with many popular brands such as Ponds, Sonata, Pantene and many more.    

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Nikhil Sharma 

Nikhil Sharma -One of Best Influencers of India
Nikhil Sharma -One of Best Influencers of India

You might not know him by the name mentioned here. He is popularly known as Mumbiker Nikhil which is also his YouTube channel’s name which has over 3 million subscribers. Nikhil is a lifestyle vlogger and one of the first people who introduced the concept of moto-vlogging in India. 

He travels across the world and shows it to his followers through his amazing vlogs. He is very close to a million followers on Instagram and regularly collaborates with brands there. He has worked with many different brands. Fast Track, Aditya Birla Group, Wow and Mama Earth are a few of them. 


So, these were the top influencers currently in India. Remember, these are not the biggest ones in terms of number of followers. There are many other celebrities who have way more followers than the people on this list. But the catch here is that we are necessarily talking about social media influencers whose main focus and passion is social media. 

Also, taking the engagement rates and the audience in count, as a brand, you can certainly collaborate with these amazing people.

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