The Future of Influencer Marketing is Here!

As we all know by now, that people have accepted and adopted the digital lifestyle. From having zoom meetings to checking out the latest headlines on different portals, humans are getting pretty used to digital life. 

      Influencers and brands are being taken seriously. Earlier, it was okay for the brands to not have a social media account or have an online presence but now if a brand or an influencer doesn’t have social media presence then people will not be able to trust it completely.

      Influencers are now being taken seriously and are leaving a mark by ‘influencing’ people to a large extent on different influencer marketing platforms. People are very much influenced that the brands and influencers will not promote anything which is not good enough. For them, building trust with their audience is their priority. 

     This field has been seeing massive growth. At the end of the day, it is important for the brand/influencer to stay updated and keep growing with time as the future seems to be turning digital.

    As times have been changing people’s attention period is also reducing. People are enjoying 15-30 seconds videos, reels that are informative and also entertaining. 

    Top five things that we will notice growing in the future in the influencer marketing industry – 

  • Collaborations 
  • Promotions
  • Memes
  • Instagram stickers
  • Interaction 


  • Collaborations

We will see more collaborations of various brands with the influencers in the future. As more and more brands are approaching micro-influencers to increase their brand visibility because people are noticing what the micro-influencers share and how it adds value to their life. 


  • Promotions

There has been an increase in the promotions of products and services of brands through influencers. Influencers are either paid or work on a barter basis to promote the brands that email them. There are different ways of promotion like giveaways, coupon codes, festive discounts, 50% off, etc these are the ways the brands get a higher reach and can attain more customers.


  • Memes

Everyone likes to have a good laugh, don’t we? The answer is an obvious yes! We all do and what better than having a good laugh while promoting a product or service. Recently, so many well-known brands used the “Pawri ho Rahi hai” statement to promote their products/service. It was a subtle way to highlight the brand and people tend to register funny jokes. Hence, memes are a smart way and seem to be seen a lot in the future.


  • Instagram Stickers

A lot of influencers are using Instagram stickers which is a great way for more visibility because it will be checked by everyone who clicks on the Instagram sticker. The more people will see the more followers will be gained by the influencer.


  • Interaction 

As the future of Influencer marketing seems to be bright simultaneously, it is also very important to reply to the direct messages, comments and interact with the audience through Instagram and Facebook live because it will make the audience feel important and content. 


About Let’s Influence –

Let’s Influence is a well-known Influencer marketing company based out of Mumbai. It has managed a lot of brands and helped them attain more followers by coming up with brilliant strategies, influencer marketing campaigns and better visibility through collaborations and promotions.


Written by – Ayushi Navani

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