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Top 10 Beauty Influencers in India

During the coronavirus pandemic, most people started discovering their interests and talents. While there were people who learned music, sports, comedy, etc. we had some people who become the best makeup/beauty influencers on social media.

Makeup isn’t just another skill that a person can do without learning. While most people tend to believe this way, it is clearly not like that. Learning makeup requires one to put in a lot of time and effort.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the beauty influencers who used their skill and made it big by demonstrating those skills on various social media platforms.

  • Malvika Sitlani: Malvika Sitlani is without a doubt one of India’s top makeup/beauty influencers. She is a woman who is liked by lakhs of followers for her brilliant work. Her audience appreciates her day-to-day life photographs more than anything else. Apart from this, she was also a contestant in the first season of India’s Next Top Model.
  • Mrunal Panchal: Mrunal Panchal is a multi-talented woman who loves trying different things. In fact, she succeeds at whatever she tries. Mrunal is not only a model from the state of Gujrat but she also loves creating fashion blogs. At the same time, she promotes and shares her makeup tips by creating videos on Instagram.
  • Kriti Dhir: Kriti Dhir is a perfectionist when it comes to makeup and beauty. In fact, she has made her life revolve around the same by diving into different aspects of beauty. She is a uniquely creative makeup artist who loves styling hair too. Moreover, she owns a salon in New Delhi under the name KritiDS.
  • Shreya Jain: Shreya Jain is yet another creative beauty expert who does not leave a chance to make the best out of her profession. She is a beauty cum fashion blogger and loves creating YouTube videos. On her YouTube channel, she reviews different makeup products for her viewers. While she uses her Instagram platform to provide beauty tips.
  • Guneet Virdi: Guneet Virdi is a professional when it comes to makeup and beauty. While most people learn this skill by themselves, she has actually received her training from the London College of Makeup. In addition to this, she also has a Dermalogica in skincare. She loves putting her knowledge to use by being a top-class makeup artist. 
  • Leena Bhushan: Leena Bhushan is one of the most renowned freelance makeup artists who is known for doing her work exceptionally well. Not only that but people believe that she has the skills to transform you into anything you want. Be it a glam queen or a gorgeous bride, she has got you covered.
  • Debasree Banerjee: Debasree Banerjee is a complete package when it comes to makeup and beauty. She is a popular beauty and lifestyle blogger who owns a YouTube channel. Debasree also owns a beauty blog by the name of ‘All She Needs’. Through this blog, she promotes makeup and beauty. In fact, she recently launched a beauty brand under her name.
  • Rowi Singh: Rowi Singh is a globally renowned beauty influencer. She does not only have a huge fan following in India but Australia too. This Australian-Indian beauty influencer is known for her expertise in the field of makeup and beauty. Rowi has also collaborated with various brands to create content that helps her viewers learn about makeup.
  • Ankita Chaturvedi: Ankita Chaturvedi also known as corallista is a veteran in the field of makeup and beauty. She owns a YouTube channel along with an Instagram account that she uses to make videos on makeup. She is known for having more than 83 million views on her YouTube channel.
  • Swati Verma: Swati is another great beauty influencer who is known for her professional makeup skills. She also has a degree in Beauty and Makeup from the London School of Business. Thus, she uses her knowledge and skills for spreading awareness about makeup and teaching people how to do it.

Connect with Beauty Influencers

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