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Top 10 food Influencers in India

Food influencers are content creators whose content revolves around food. They generally use platforms like Instagram and YouTube wherein they try to capture the young audience.

Now, food influencers are of various types. There are a few who love discovering different places and inform their audience about the food joints at such places. On the other hand, some food influencers love to cook or bake and share mouthwatering food with their followers.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Top 10 food Influencers in India. If you’re a foodie, you just can’t miss this list!

  1. Dil se foodie: As the name of the page suggests, this is for the people who love food more than anything. If you are a foodie by heart, you must follow this one. The page is run by Karan Dua who never leaves a chance to make us droll with some of the best and authentic Indian dishes.  So, if that is what you’re looking for do head over to his page.
  2. Vegan Richa: You might have gotten a hint from the name itself. Yes, we’re talking about a vegetarian food influencer. One who actively promotes content on vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian people love checking out her page to have a look at some of the best veg dishes. You may get to see everything from deserts to sweets.
  3. Saransh Goila: Saransh is a food influencer from the city of dreams; Mumbai. Unlike the other influencers we talked about, Saransh is a home chef. Instead of visiting different places and sharing pictures, he cooks some delicious food and showcases it on his Instagram page. He’s the man behind Goila Butter Chicken; a restaurant chain spread in various parts of the city.
  4. Archana’s Kitchen: Archana Doshi is another great home chef who has mastered the art of cooking. The moment you visit her page you see hundreds of food recipes using which you can cook some mouth-watering food. Not good enough? You can take a look at her website where you can find more than 10,000 food recipes.
  5. Shivesh Bhatia: A food influencer based in Delhi who is known for his love for cakes and muffins and whatnot. If you are someone with a sweet tooth, Shivesh’s page is nothing less than Disneyland for you. On Shivesh’s page, you can see posts related to all sorts of baked food.
  6. Cookinacurry: The page is run by Maunika Gowardhan who keeps spreading her love for authentic Indian dishes through her posts. On her page, you can see a variety of dishes ranging from Chicken curry to Shahi Panner. If you want to learn cooking, you can hit her app on iTunes for the recipes.
  7. Passionate about baking: From the name of itself we can guess what it is about. Deeba Rajpal; the food influencer behind this page expresses her love for baking through her posts. On her page, you will come across different types of cakes and cookies that will leave you stunned.
  8. MasterChef mom: The page discovers both the aspects of good quality food i.e., health and taste. On her Instagram page, Uma Raghuraman tries to incorporate the health factor and cooks some of the healthiest dishes. Now, just because the food is healthy doesn’t mean it’s not yummy. If you’re still confused, you can cook some food using her recipes and find out.
  9. Saffron Trail: A page that is all about healthy vegetarian dishes. Through her page, Nandita Iyer promotes healthy eating by sharing some of her best recipes for vegetarian food. On her page, you can find everything from green leafy vegetables to healthy smoothies. If you’re a health-conscious foodie, you must check out her page.
  10. Divine Taste: One can witness the uniqueness of the page through its name only. Divine taste is an Instagram page run by Anushruti. She’s not only a cook but a food writer and nutrition advisor as well. What makes her page unique is the importance of saatvik cooking that Anushruti tries to promote through her page. If you’re wondering, how can one cook great food without using onions, garlic, or meat; make sure you visit her page.

Connecting with food influencers

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