What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Influencers have now become a buzz in this digitally transforming world. These influencers are people with a certain set of skills who have become popular by portraying their skills on different platforms.

In this blog, we are going to talk about Instagram Influencers. Every time we are scrolling through our Instagram feed, we see different advertisements. Mostly, we find influencers promoting different products on their pages. Such videos or reels are often labeled as ‘Paid Collaborations’.

Instagram influencer marketing is a form of digital marketing through which brands collaborate with different influencers who have gained recognition. These people generally have a good number of followers.

Brands who are willing to promote their products collaborate with such influencers. The brands tend to pay them a certain fee for their service. In return, the influencers make content based on the product the brand wants to promote.

Instagram influencer marketing has started gaining a lot of recognition lately because of the wide user base of Instagram. Brands that earlier resorted to traditional marketing strategies are now switching to such influencers.

This form of marketing is a boon for both brands as well as influencers. Simply because the influencers are getting paid for using their platform to promote a product. On the other hand, brands can promote their product in a highly effective manner.

How brands can leverage it by using micro and nano creators

Influencers and Brands both have their capacity and capabilities. Not all brands have a huge budget for advertising.  Similarly, there could be influencers who have millions of followers but there are influencers with a few thousand followers too.

The influencers who have a reach of more than 10,000 followers are termed, micro creators. On the other hand, the ones with a reach of more than 1,000 followers are known as nano creators.

Such influencers who are in the budding stage tend to collaborate with brands that generally have a low budget for advertising. However, if you are a brand looking for Instagram influencer marketing, such creators can prove to be helpful. Especially when you have budget constraints.

  • Engagement Rate: This fact might come as a bummer to many but reports claim that the higher your followers are, the lesser is your engagement rate. Therefore, the engagement rate in the case of micro and nano followers is quite effective for brands.
  • Lower cost: Influencers with lower followers generally charge a lesser fee for their services when compared to the ones with millions of followers. So, brands with a lower budget can connect with such influencers. In fact, some influencers review products even for free. All you need to do is send them the product samples and some freebies maybe.

Instagram influencer marketing steps

Instagram influencer marketing is not a very complex form of marketing. Thus the steps involved are quite simple.

  • Define your goals: Different brands have different goals for their products. These goals act as the foundation of marketing. So, you first need to analyze the product and your target audience.
  • Look for influencers: The type of influencer you choose would depend on your product and budget. The number of nano and micro creators is much more than that of macro and mega. So if you’re looking for such influencers make sure you research about them and choose the one that suits your needs
  • Connect with them: After looking for influencers, you need to connect with the ones that you find suitable for you. You can connect with them by mail or drop a text in their DMs. Make sure that you are sharing all the relevant details of the project.
  • Build a Strategy: Once the agreement has been done with the influencer, you need to build a strategy or campaign for marketing. This will act as a guide for the entire duration of the project. It’ll also help the influencer understand your goals clearly and make content accordingly.

These were the steps you can take while promoting your brand using Instagram Influencer Marketing. However, sometimes it can become difficult to look for the perfect influencer that can promote your brand.

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