Why Automation In Influencer Marketing Could Be A Catastrophic Upgrade

Why Automation In Influencer Marketing Could Be A Catastrophic Upgrade

Why Automation In Influencer Marketing Could Be A Catastrophic Upgrade:- Technology has managed to engulf a better part of our lives in the 21st century. This is evident in the automation of various industries and our inability to live in the dearth of machinery.

The marketing and advertising world is not without its share of technological advances either. Gone are the days when banners and on page ads were enough to titillate the interest of the general audience.

The advent of technology has seen the rise of new age ventures like social media sites inclusive of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to get more involved with the public.

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This has given rise to influencer marketing where micro and macro influencers leave an imprint on their followers about various issues and brands. Influencer marketing has quickly climbed the rungs of the ladxzder to come up as a major force to reckon with in the advertising and marketing world.

There has been a surge in demand for influencer marketing programs as people become warier of traditional advertising and brands and agencies turn to influencers from various verticals to connect with their target audiences in authentic and meaningful ways.

This widespread popularity has led to the rise of scores of technology-backed influencer marketing platforms which tout automation to be the future of influencer marketing.

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But the verdict is still not out whether complete automation can transform the influencer marketing industry for better or if it is just a disastrous upgrade waiting to happen.

Here are a few reasons why automation is not the right fit for something as personalized as the influencer marketing scene:

  • The basics to a great start in any influencer marketing venture are built around authentic relationships between real people. By introducing automation in the picture, you are essentially taking out the warmth of human interaction and replacing it with the blandness of computer programs. This can lead to a cold first impression on your prospective client/ partner.
  • No matter how advanced the technology gets, it will never be able to learn the art of negotiation. Negotiation skills are an essential part when managing an influencer relationship. They help in finalizing compensation details as well as negotiating contracts to manage the relationship.
  • Many social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are not comfortable with the idea of automation technology accessing their sites and information and hence, have raised petitions to block such programs.


While automation in the influencer marketing industry has its own share of advantages, they are best utilized if used in harmony with self-service platforms. The best relations between influencers and brands cannot be built by automotive technology and requires human interference.

A highly effective influencer marketing campaign is built around and conducted by a team of experienced people and not coded commands.

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