Why TikTok Is The Best Platform For Influencer Marketing

Why TikTok Is The Best Platform For Influencer Marketing?

Why TikTok Is The Best Platform For Influencer Marketing? Previously known as Musical.ly, TikTok is a social networking service where you can create and share short videos. This Chinese company founded in 2012 gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent in many categories such as lip sync, dance videos, poetry and many more. 

Crossing 900 million downloads by the end of 2019, It is one of the most downloaded apps in both IOS and Android. Additionally, it has been really successful in the global market and its monthly downloads surpassing even social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

TikTok is available in about 40 languages and speaking of the demographics of the app, TikTok has about 500 million active users and nearly 40% of the users are from India. Nearly 80% of the users are found to be under the age of 30.  

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TikTok- A Great Platform For Influencer Marketing

To start with, let us know what ‘Influencer Marketing’ means. Influencer Marketing is basically a modern-day marketing campaign where brands endorse their products by collaborating with social media influencers who have a significant amount of follower base. 

It is a content-driven process and an influencer basically fills the gap between the brands and the targeted audience. Initially, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube were the platforms used for Social media marketing because of their large audience and the conversion rate that they provided.

With rapid growth in the usage and popularity of TikTok, it has widely been used as a brand integration platform by marketers globally. It offers a wide variety of tools and techniques that are content based and ensure both brand awareness and growth. 

TikTok has a great number of active generation Z users, so any brand looking to promote itself to the young audience, it is by far the best platform for influencer marketing. 

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Brand Promotions On TikTok

A brand can promote itself on TikTok using different methods. Here are a few of them:

1. In-Feed Ads: These are the ads native to the app which blend greatly in your feed of short videos This is the simplest way of advertising on TikTok as every active user has to go through these ads. In addition to this, these can be customised and the age group, gender and location of the audience can be set according to the needs of the brand.

There are various options like ‘Buy now’ and ‘Download’ available that land users to the page you wish to. The impressions, clicks and CPC can be monitored by the marketers. 

2. Hashtag Challenge Ads: TikTok uses hashtags as a form of a current trend. The challenges are a really vital part of how TikTok works and the users really love to go with the flow and upload videos based on the challenges. These hashtags are really simple and easy to use and follow.

Ideally, a brand should associate its name with a hashtag and try coming up with an interesting challenge. Next, it should kickstart the challenge by uploading videos if it has a TikTok channel of its own. If not, some famous TikTok influencers would be the best options to collaborate with. 

Here what TikTok does is showing the banner of this challenge when users open the app. When clicked, the banner lands the user to the page with the instructions and rules of the challenge. 

For instance, American clothing brand Guess partnered with TikTok and ran a challenge on the app using the hashtag #InMyDenim. The challenge gained immense popularity and many celebrities took part in the same. 

3. Brand Takeover Ads: In this type of ads, a brand takes over a single category in the TikTok app like health or sports for a day. A single brand taking a whole category for a day makes it quite an expensive affair. 

These ads are displayed when a user opens the app so immediate attention and millions of impressions are guaranteed. It is one of the most reliable methods of TikTok promotion and is preferred by many social media marketers because of the user-friendly techniques and the simple algorithm of the TikTok app.

The effectiveness and reach of these ads can be measured by studying the number of clicks, impressions and unique organic reaches.

4. TikTok Influencer Marketing: Like other social media platforms, TikTok too has many influencers who are essentially the people with a huge follower base on their channel and each of their videos get a good deal of engagement. 

The influencer marketing technique remains the same in TikTok too. If a particular influencer’s audience is perfect for your brand or product you want to promote, the campaign shall end up as a successful one. 

The most important part for any brand is to identify the perfect influencer for their campaign. What follows after that is finalising the content that needs to be promoted. The influencer must be able to persuade the audience to make a particular product or a service purchase in such a way that the process looks authentic and not a sell-out.

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How To Make A TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign Successful? 

As TikTok marketing is not a seasoned form of social media marketing, many of us do have our doubts related to the process of making a campaign successful. Here is a guide for the same that will take you through the dos and don’ts of TikTok Influencer Marketing.

Find The Right TikTok Influencer:

Needless to say that the marketing campaign you are planning to run is highly dependent on the TikTok influencers you collaborate with. 

Firstly, find an influencer who is an active user and experiences a high reach and engagement level on his/her posts. Secondly, check if the influencer’s audience is perfect for the product you want to promote. 

For example, if you want to market women’s makeup products, it would be suggested that you take the help of a female influencer. This is not only because of the female followers she has but also because of the fact that a male influencer promoting something meant to be used by women won’t look authentic. 

So considering these factors, finding the right influencers within the desired budget can be a little challenging. 

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The next step after finding the right TikTok Influencers should be reaching out and partnering with them. The influencers must be communicated the deal and what exactly they are expected to do.

The collaboration should be aimed at forming a long term relationship between the brand and the influencer. 

After agreeing on the financial aspects of the deal, comes the content that needs to be published. The influencer’s opinion on the same should also be taken as he/she is better aware of what their audience expects. So, they should be allowed to express their creativity and ideas. 

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Measure The Campaign Results

To know if your hard work has paid off, you will have to measure the results of the TikTok campaign. Check the engagement and the views on the posts to find if the brand is benefitting from it or not. 


A TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign may require some brainstorming to start with but will surely add value to a brand if done in the right way. For marketers and brands, it is the right time to start using TikTok as it has millions of active users per day and its popularity is only expected to rise. 

Now that you know how to run a TikTok Influencer Marketing campaign, it is time that you create one yourself. 

Just be very clear about the message you want to deliver, form a strategy about how you want to deliver it.  

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