YouTube 101 Getting Started on Your Journey to Making Videos

YouTube 101: Getting Started on Your Journey to Making Videos

It’s 2019 and YouTube is one of the most influential and happening places on the internet to be on. It is the world’s largest video sharing platform and attracts millions of views from viewers of all age groups each day.

As the line between the definition of real jobs diminishes, many unconventional means of work like fitness blogging, Instagram modelling, food vlogging ,etc have risen with the advent of technology. 

Hence, the fact that many budding bloggers and tech-savvy youngsters get enticed by the idea of becoming YouTubers does not come as a surprise. 

YouTube is free for all as a platform and a fun hobby to indulge in, with chances to turn you into a star. But it is not as easy as it sounds. To duplicate the success enjoyed by your favourite YouTubers and live their lives that you’ve come to envy, you need to start a successful YouTube Channel.

Here are some helpful insights to get you started on a successful journey in the world of vlogging and content creation.

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Know Your Purpose

This is the single most important factor to consider when starting your journey on YouTube.  

You need to have a goal in mind. From naming your handle to building your community, there is a lot of thought that goes into starting a YouTube channel.

Ask yourself if you want to do this as a hobby or are you aiming to make a career out of YouTube?

Do not start with the sole aim of minting money. Any successful YouTuber can tell you that it is a long process and you need to show a lot of patience before your content bores fruit and you get to reap monetary benefits out of it. 

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Choose Your Niche

What do you want to do as a YouTuber is going to correspond to your interests and skills. Are you an artist? Or are you into gaming? Maybe you want to build a reaction channel, or a food channel, maybe you are into makeup or lifestyle, the opportunities are endless, you just need to focus on a particular kind of content or genre that you are comfortable with. Opting for something with more monetary benefits or audience coverage that does not suit your skills or style will not be beneficial to you in any way and will lead to disappointment in the long run. 

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Build Your Unique Image

Millions of videos are posted on YouTube each day. If you want to stand apart and make an impression on the audience, you need to have a USP that shines. This mainly focuses on your way of presentation of content. You can build your profile around that chosen focus and work on intricate details like animated avatars and banners for your channel. 

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Go Basic

You have probably seen your favourite YouTube influencers with high-end cameras and equipment and fancy accessories. While these expensive buys sure shine through and make the content more impressive, they are not essential for success. As a beginner, you don’t have to worry about spending on the best cameras or stands and other pricey accessories. Even your smartphone’s rear camera mounted on a simple tripod will do it if the lightning and audio clarity are on point. All it takes to garner the attention of the public is engaging content and not expensive equipment.

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Make Use Of Playlist Feature

We often come across YouTube channels with engaging content and want to binge watch their videos but are left disappointed by the clutter of ineffective playlists. You can learn from this by putting together a well-maintained playlist of all relatable content for a better viewing experience.

Create consistent and quality content. Upload videos frequently to keep the viewers engaged and hooked on to your channel. And most importantly, never get big headed. 

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