Best Use of Influencer Marketing

How To Make The Best Use Of Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is one of the most used marketing techniques used by the digital marketers globally. According to a recent study, 86% of marketers have reported to use it and more than 90% of them found it to be effective. 

These stats alone are enough to prove why Influencer Marketing is getting so popular and every other brand is using it as a strategy to achieve its business goals. 

But what exactly is influencer marketing? 

Well, it is a marketing strategy in which a brand promotes itself by taking help from ‘someone’ who has an influence over a large number of people which is essentially defined as the brand’s target audience. The ‘someone’ here is popularly known as an influencer.

Influencer Marketing helps to boost sales, develop brand authority and brand authenticity. These are the most important requirements that are needed to make a business model flourish in the modern age. 

This is the reason why Influencer Marketing seems to be an amazing option to young and emerging brands and also to well accomplished brands. A successful social media marketing campaign using influencers can be launched at almost any budget.

Eve market giants like Nike and Ponds have been collaborating with influencers over various social media platforms. 

Additionally, influencer marketing can be done on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. So, it is automatically a cheaper option as these are all free platforms, unlike Television which can cost a fortune to the brands in case of collaborating with big celebrities. 

But creating an Influencer marketing campaign from scratch in this ever-changing digital world can be a little challenging. 

So, here is an article for you, which will give you some tips and ideas that you must keep in mind and also imply while creating an influencer marketing campaign for yourself.

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Begin with a Goal

Starting with a marketing campaign without a goal is the last thing you would want to do if you desire positive results from it. So, set objectives for your campaign and define what success would look like to you. 

Have a good amount of thought on what the goals of the campaign would be and what good the Influencer marketing campaign would do to your brand. 

Is it brand awareness or increasing conversion rates? Do you aim at high engagement rates or maybe finding leads for your brand? There are various goals that a well-planned social media marketing campaign can achieve so you should be sure that what you aim at. 

Setting a goal upfront will give you a clear idea about where the influencer marketing campaign is moving so it makes the process very clear. 

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Build and Uphold a Relevant and Meaningful Audience

The biggest key to a perfect and successful influencer marketing campaign is building and maintaining an audience for your brand which stays loyal to you and respects a long-term relationship. 

Well, finding that audience is the key and that is also the most daunting task too for any brand or marketer. This needs a lot of study and research so take your time and use any possible tool to find your target audience. 

Once you have found out about how your target audience looks like, it is now time to connect with them through the influencers who are really the heart of this marketing campaign.  

Discuss the matter that needs to be posted by the influencers and make sure that it is meaningful and relevant to your audience and it adds some value to their life. 

Take measures to keep them connected with your brand such as organise contests or giveaways or give out discount coupons to the most loyal customers. 

Remember, it is the audience which will keep your brand forever alive and it is the audience too which can make your brand a worthless one, so give more importance to it. 

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Stay Active on your Own Social Media Channels

Not using and not staying active on their own social media channels is a common mistake that most brands out there tend to commit. You must try to stay active on your platforms by posting regularly and a verified tick on your channel can surely multiply your success rate. 

Also, social media channels are necessary for any brand because if any potential customer would land on your channel, your brand and products would look more authentic and very genuine. 

Make sure that the channels are ready and active before collaborating with an influencer so that you could ask the influencer to tag you in the paid post so that the audience can directly land on your page through that post. 

Also, this also increases your followers to a great extent. 

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Decide the Type of Influencer you Need for Your Campaign 

Once you have found who your target audience is, it is now time to find a potential influencer which will serve your cause the best. 

You need to figure out what type of influencer will be the best for your campaign and would give the desired results. 

The choice of influencer totally depends on your niche and the purpose of marketing. 

For instance, you might opt for a famous social media celebrity for your product launch to make the event more talked about. 

Similarly, if you want to drive traffic to your website or blog, a blogger would be a great option. 

Also, you must choose between micro-influencers and celebrities. Both give different results and you must decide about what suits your brand better. 

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Partnership with The Influencers

Once you have found out about what you need in your influencer, it is time for seeking out for some in the social media world. 

Remember, it is always a better option to contact the influencers directly rather than through an app or some talent agency. It will cut costs and will also save a lot of time. 

Contact them and say them that you really like their work and would want to collaborate with them. 

Brief them clearly about what is expected from them discuss the content ideas with them in an open-ended way such that there is a way for them to give their inputs in the creative area of the collaboration. 

Do not at all pick any influencer who just posts anything for the sake of money. Make sure the influencer has been regularly posting content that is relevant to your brand so that the authenticity of the collaboration remains secure. 

Reward the Influencers Decently

Influencer Marketing is two-way process. The influencers, in return of their posts expect and deserve substantial compensation. 

Ask them for their preferred mode of compensation and make sure the payments go out timely. Some influencers do except free products, discount coupons or even affiliate commission for the work they do for you. 

Remember, that to grow in the social media world and to leave an impact, building and maintaining a healthy relationship with the influencers is really important. You can always like and share their content and refer them for other work. 

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Use Social Media Effectively

Social Media marketing is essentially using all the platforms effectively such that they help your business grow. 

Many brands just stick to Instagram when it comes to Influencer Marketing. This is a huge mistake that they commit as the marketing game is much bigger than that.

As popular as it is currently, Tiktok can be a great platform for micro-influencer marketing. Moreover, if you have a generous budget for your campaign, you can also go for big YouTubers to promote yourselves. 


As you know, there is not a ‘perfect plan’ for anything as it greatly depends on how an individual goes about the process.

But one thing is assured that if you take the above said things into consideration while making your influencer marketing campaign, you will make the most out of your brainstorming, hard work, and monetary investment.

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