for leads the right compressor with give you percieved volume increase that sounds natural and makes the ledas float on top of the bass, rythm guitar and drums. I went back through today and really tested it out to … Mar 31, 2014 #1 Curious how the majority dial in this pedal and leave it or change it often? Nowadays it’s possible to divide up your frequency range into low, mid and high bands, rather than thinking of it as one source. The Oxford Dynamics plugin is one of my favorites for this reason.. You can get a great bass sound with just about any compressor, if you know how to tweak the parameters to achieve what you’re looking for. 1. Workshop. AllmanFan. Mar 31, 2014 #2 I actually just added it back to my board. Silver Supporting Member. The compressor threshold determines the level in decibels at which the compressor “turns on.” In other words, if you set the threshold at -10dB, that means that when the signal reaches -10dB, the compressor starts compressing. Thread starter AXEnGEAR4J; Start date Mar 31, 2014; AXEnGEAR4J Member. Messages 5,901. Home Gitarre Workshop Kompressor - Gitarren-Effekte richtig einsetzen - Workshop. Bass compressor pedals have traditionally used analog circuitry, and whilst most still do, as it provides a very natural sounding compression, the advancements in digital audio emulation have been exemplary, and therefore some pedals such as the Boss BC-1X actually uses digital circuitry as it’s known to reduce static noise that is caused by the analog circuitry. Messages 1,302. 1. The effect is almost transparent when it’s set up properly. When I first started playing bass, compressors were just what’s known as full-band. Use the attack control to vary the ‘crack’ of the drum. In my own mixing workflow, I prefer compressors that offer continuous, variable control over attack, release, ratio, and knee. 03.03.2014 . Here are a few mistakes to avoid as you explore and experiment with your compressor settings. Gitarre Workshop_Folge. Setting a high threshold means the compressor will only activate when the signal gets really loud. enter compression. Boss Compression Sustainer CS3 settings? I highly recommed the MXR Super Comp for high gain players for it doesnt change yoiur tone much, gives excelent sustain with a sharp attack, its tru bypass and around 80 buscks. The first reading is for threshold in dBu, the second (obviously) is the compression ratio. This way you can essentially have three different compressors acting on your signal. Kick – 0dBu/2.5:1 – Use the attack control to vary the amount of punch. Snare - +3dBu/5:1 – Raise compression ratio to make ghost notes more audible. But you really can have too much of a good thing. Kompressor - Gitarren-Effekte richtig einsetzen - Workshop Gitarren-Effekte verstehen, einstellen und einsetzen Volume 1: Verzerrer, Modulations-Effekte, Wah und mehr. You might be tempted to stylishly slam the percussive elements of your mix with your favorite compressor. Bass; Recording; Software; Keyboard; Drums; DJ; PA; Vocals; Magazin; Anzeige. Attack set too fast on drums/percussion .