Culture can be distinguished by 2 types, which are individualistic and collective cultures. Family and Culture I traveled to Germany last summer to visit my friend Janine I noticed many different behaviors in family life that differed from the culture home and family life.The family I … Although a larger culture may have an expectation that family members support each other, how the family culture goes about doing so may be unique. Similarly, if his children quickly adopt the attitudes and values of the new dominant culture, he may find it harder to communicate with them. Culture can influence what is considered normal and healthy at home. Culture is a very broad set of forces, and can include ideas about what constitutes a family. Individualistic Culture encourages the independence, self-assertion, competition, and the expression of a person’s needs. Family Culture : Family And Culture 1262 Words | 6 Pages. 3. Culture is the center of a longstanding social group that can give meaning to habits and relationships in the family or the community. What makes you happy? 2. To pinpoint what makes your family unique, brainstorm your identity—for each member of the household—by answering these questions. What do you like most about each family member? 4. * The Family Culture Questionnaire 1. What are your goals—in life and for your children? For example, a father may lose his traditional role as the head of the family if his wife begins to work outside the home, earning income and greater independence.