To help you get back to walking normal consider: crutches, knee scooters, or iWALK the hands free crutch alternative. Read on to learn about first aid and long-term methods of supporting recovery. Sometimes a sprained ankle has ... Read More. A 16-year-old female asked: is it ok to walk on a sprained ankle even if your limping? Grade 2 sprains are also treated with PRICE, but may take longer to heal. If the sprain is severe, the doctor will prescribe a walking boot or a splint for you. How long will i need to wear air boot for a fractured fibula. Picture of walking boot for sprained ankle. How long should a patient wear a walking boot? How long wear boot on sprained ankle. An air walking boot helps provide more comfort but it is more expensive than a regular or non-air walking boot. 1 doctor agrees. Your doctor may also want you to wear a splint or walking boot on the ankle to immobilize you. But in some cases where a sprain leaves a joint unstable, wearing a cast or sprained ankle walking boot that protects the joint for a period of time may be necessary so that it can heal properly. How do I get a … 1 thank. I have a bruised ankle bone but it’s been 5 days now since I got an x-ray and 6 days since the injury occurred and I still can’t walk on it. How to tape a sprained ankle for volleyball. Crutches may be used for a brief period to reduce pain and stress on the joint. Wear boots or high-top shoes that can be laced up tight around your ankles for added support. How long will i have to wear ankle boot for sprain. How long to wear a bolt for a sprained ankle . Depending upon the grade of injury, you may be given a removable plastic device such as a walking boot or air splint to wear while you heal. More pain: If it is only a simple sprained ankle, walking on it too soon will only make the swelling worse and continue the pain. 1. 0 comment. It depends on what injury you have. How to wear ankle brace. Is it okay to wear the boot and for how long? Even a complete ligament tear can heal without surgical repair if it is immobilized appropriately and … 0. Dr. Angel Arturo Moya Marquez answered. If you have a grade 3 sprain, you may be required to wear a leg cast or a cast-brace for two to three weeks. View 1 more answer . Specializes in General … One affordable sprained ankle boot option is BraceAbility’s stress fracture walking boot, which comes with a deluxe foam liner for user comfort and … If the sprain is not as bad, or after the boot, a medical grade brace that can be worn with a shoe … How long to wrap a sprained ankle. Injuries to the bones take six to eight weeks to heal, on average. This provides rigid immobilization and support to the ankle, facilitating decreased swelling and pain, and allowing you to walk. Send thanks to the doctor. How long for a high ankle sprain to heal. If not, try to wrap a compression bandage or brace around your ankle for 1-3 weeks. Do I Need a Walking Boot For My Sprained Ankle? But I’ve found that if I use a boot to walk I can do it, obviously it’s still painful but makes walking manageable. With bad sprains (severe swelling, bruising, pain, limp while walking or inability to walk) an orthopedic walking boot (easily purchased online) is recommended for the first 10-14 days. An ankle sprain is an injury to ligaments in the ankle.