GCS is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. The most potent isothiocyanates are benzyl isothiocyanate (BITC), which is present in ample quantity in garden cress [5]. Studies were conducted on incorporation of garden cress seed powder (Lepidium sativum) in mathri. Galactogogues promote lactation in humans and other animals. Hair Loss Treatment Garden cress is an excellent source of protein and iron thus can be used for treating people suffering from hair loss. From a nutritional perspective, it is quite clear that some amino acids are absolute dietary necessities if normal growth is to be maintained. Lepidium sativum, commonly known as garden cress is a fast growing annual herb that is native to Egypt and West Asia, although it is now cultivated in the entire world. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. designed a health drink by combining GCS powder with skim milk powder for providing promising health benefits [13]. The levels of different combination were tested in order to obtain the following samples (the sub Index indicates the gum level): G0 L0, G0 L0.3, G0 L0.6, G0 L1, G0.3 L0, G0.3 L0.3, G0.3 L0.6, G0.3 L1, G0.6 L0, G0.6 L0.3, G0.6 L0.6, G0.6 L1, G1 L0, G1 L0.3, G1 L0.6, and G1 L1. Earlier finding of researcher concludes that the intake of high n-6 PUFAs in diet has change the physiological conditions like prothrombotic and proaggregatory, characterized by increase in blood viscosity, vasospasm, and vasoconstriction and decrease in bleeding time [40]. Vitamin C taking half an hour after consumption of these seeds enhances the iron absorption. Due to high free radical scavenging potential of GCS, its fortification to prepare balanced diet may help in incorporating and exploiting its rich nutritional as well as medicinal value to the developed food. Hence, it may not be suitable for patients suffering from hypothyroidism. The pungency of GCSO and mustard oil are similar, while the content is lower. Oil yield of GCS is low when compared to the other oil seeds of Cruciferae family like mustard (25–40%), rapeseed (40–45%), and camelina or false flax (40–45%) [22]. The main phenolic compounds present in GCS extracts are tocopherols. The mean values of different sensory characters reported that color scored maximum followed by taste and texture. The high score sample were tested for proximate composition. And varieties of plants are used for the same purposes. Interested in research on Lepidium sativum? The reduction of gum viscosity with temperature might be the result of irreversible change in molecular conformation [24]. Therefore, it was decided to make a health drink, keeping in view the varied need of different consumers. This type of finding help to develop many types of functional and fortified food products. If large quantities of garden cress are consumed, may cause digestive difficulties in some people. The results reveal that the seeds of Garden cress possess nutritional, medicinal as well as antioxidant activities. The content of biologically active compounds, as well as the antioxidant capacity of L. sativum has been investigated by several researchers and their findings indicated that seeds of garden cress plants are good source of amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and have the ability to act as in vivo as well as in vitro antioxidants due to their high content of phenolic compounds. By Chandra Shekhar Singh and Vinod Kumar Paswan, Submitted: June 9th 2017Reviewed: July 11th 2017Published: December 6th 2017. Viscosity determined at 25°C MPa s−1. / International Journal of Nutrition and Agriculture Research. Serum and liver lipids showed significant decrease in total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), and LDL-C levels in GCSO blended oil fed rats compared to native oil fed rats. It measures the average molecular weight (or chain length) of all the fatty acids present. It is advisable to have vitamin C half an hour after consumption of these seeds as it enhances iron absorption. Even so, growth responses to deficiencies of dispensable amino acids can be found in the literature. The direct pycnometer determination at 33°C. Garden cress can be sown and harvested several times throughout the year, although January, February, and November are the most suitable months of the year to sow in a Mediterranean climate [2]. and has tremendous potential for the development of functional food by fortification with it [3, 4]. Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers. The classification by decreasing order of polyunsaturated fatty acids/saturated fatty acids ratio of vegetable oils analysed is the following: corn (3.9), egusi seeds Cucumeropsis mannii Naudin (3.0), sesame (2.5), cotton (1.9), peanut (1.5), Canarium Schweinfurthii Engl. The low moisture content is an index of stability, quality, and increased shelf life of seeds [16].