Publishers who are accepted into the. Another key to scaling is creating whitelist campaigns for top performing placements (widgets). It is one of the biggest traffic providers out there. This gives a cleaner visual aspect as to how your traffic is performing, in a nutshell. RevContent works well with social sites where the AdSense CPC is not very high. Language Targeting – it’s necessary to choose the right language, which is based on the headline of your creative. Advertisers are free to target their customers based on their mobile device, geo-location and even based on the brands they browse. Using multiple ad widgets, especially video widget can help increase your overall ad revenue significantly. Their performance is 150% more than its rivals in revenue generation, user engagement and returns on investment. Revcontent lays a number of restrictions to its publishers and advertisers and rejects most of the applications for quality purposes. RevContent Publisher Requirement and Minimum Traffic Criteria: How to Join Revcontent Native Ad Network? The icon below has the link. 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Advertisers are free to target their customers based on their mobile device, geo-location and even based on the brands they browse. Online advertisements in this digital age are meant to be engaging and preferably posted in a sort of disguise., HI © 2019 Brax Software. While “testing every ad network” may sound good in theory. The Content of websites should be of high quality, it would not pardon the wrong usage of words and spelling errors. Please don't join this company, I made a huge mistake. Pricing models they offer are CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM on channels such as Display, Mobile, MobileVideo, Native, Video Advertising on Revcontent will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as Consumer Packaged … It lays certain specific qualities of websites to get engaged into its system. Device Targeting – this allows you to choose between desktop and mobile. Signup with this exclusive link to earn 5% additional revenue from Revcontent over your regular earnings. Editor’s Revcontent Review for Publishers. If your campaign is performing really well, chances are you’d want to scale quickly. How Revcontent is different from other native networks is that it involves a highly responsive widget, gallery implementations, infinite scroll and unlimited customization of the API to affect the website traffic of their client’s website enormously. Outbrain and Taboola’s data delay is 2-4 hours on a good day. The network is strong in regions like the US, IN, UK, Canada and other parts of the world as well, especially in Europe. Kindly note that the revenues in Q1 actually tends to be lower and your average revenue will be 1.5x the current rates, at least. Generally, the CPC rates for countries like India are in the range of 1-2 cents and thus publishers need to have a lot of click volume to earn substantial revenue from Revcontent. Sites have to ensure that the content they post should be original and fresh. With Revcontent it is possible to calculate real-time performance metrics based on device type, website section, and content performance. If an ad network doesn’t pan out; you may miss your goal for the month. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. Revcontent have developed awesome tools and advertising system that will help the publishers as well as advertisers. Revcontent serves over 250 billion impressions per month. It is important to have a minimum threshold of $50 before taking the payment. Here, you need to further provide the additional details and make click on the submit button. Revcontent offers a global fill rate, almost reaching 100% across all geographies. Very Welldone Bro Share This Article I Like This, very informative…i will soon start it on my site This signup link will give you 5% greater revenue share than directly signing up with Revcontent. Are those bold claims? The network is strong in regions like the US, IN, UK, Canada and other parts of the world as well, especially in Europe. Don't get involved, I'm getting out as soon as I can! You can choose from standard pic text, video, hover, link ads, in-article ads or even use Revcontent’s custom API for a truly native experience on your website. The screenshot below shows a heatmap of the top countries which are taking the maximum amount of impressions and also contributing to a significant revenue for your website. Revcontent was founded by John Lemp in 2013 and is based in Sarasota, Florida. Tags: cpc ad networknative advertisingrevcontent. Let’s take a look at each one. Quantcast estimates Revcontent reaches 97% of the United States. Use templates to fast track success in your niche. RevContent CPM rate). Brands have recognized the fact that, in order to grow, they need to advertise more and native advertising is their piece of pie for quality ad networks it offers. All Rights Reserved. RevContent doesn’t approve sites unless you have 2-3 million page views per month…. But they offer real-time reporting, so this allows you to see initial results quickly, helping you optimize faster. Here is a screenshot of how Revcontent widgets look like-, Revcontent offers a number of highly customizable ad widgets. Country Targeting – you can choose worldwide traffic, or you can narrow down to specific countries. In the initial days, I didn’t have a RevContent account up and running on any of my sites. Sure Muhammad.. Keep testing and all the best! One ad network that impresses me yet often goes unnoticed is Revcontent. It is a significant reach you miss out on by not using Revcontent. Revcontent CPC rates are high in Europe where. Revcontent pays his publishers on a net 30 basis; it assures sure returns ranging from $3 to $5 to its clients. RevContent payment method is PayPal and check. It also improves the bounce rate and page view time of the website. Follow a simple strategy over 90 days then compare your CPA to other sources. So, it’s time for you to start monetizing your website with Revcontent widget ads if you haven’t started yet. Native advertising is the most promising alternative. For example, when a user reads through an apparels section of BuzzFeed, a story on modern apparels might come across sponsored by premium apparel showrooms, increasing reader engagement.