A-Z. The example Enterprise Architecture Diagram … With a sample business … > Business Diagram Examples > 7 Practical Enterprise Architecture Examples Posted by James Freeman | 08/04/2020 Having great enterprise architecture is not only helpful for employers to evaluate business … You can now modify the Enterprise Architecture Diagram example below using Visual Paradigm's online Enterprise Architecture Diagram tool. An Enterprise Architecture (EA) diagram is used to display the structure and operations of an organization.It is used to analyze and document an organization and its business functions, along with … While there are many ways to develop a business capability map, Sally, and her business architecture team have used a straw model-based approach in which they brought a sample business capability map to use as a starting point. Examples of system architecture diagrams. The best way to understand Enterprise Architecture Diagram is to look at some examples of Enterprise Architecture Diagram and start drawing your own. ... For example, if a business layer knows nothing of how data is stored than you can change your database without any changes to your business … Architecture diagrams help to communicate structures, dependencies, progress, choices and impact much more clearly than text, even if you have a simple architecture.