1 decade ago. But we also shape them. It is easier to see how countries could be social constructs than it is to see how money is a social construct. 6. Social Construction of Reality Social Construction of Reality The social construction of reality is the procedure in historical and societal perspective that entails human beings giving meaning to the world through cultural interaction. Social Construction Of Reality Examples. How is this theorem an example of the process we call the social construction of reality? It is an extremely important concept in the social sciences because without them, society would not be the same. It is something that is not inherently natural, but created by society. ex: For example , a teenager who is defined as deviant might begin to act deviant. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a04L7. How is this theorem an example of the process we call the “social construction of reality “? The world exists beyond processes and language of interpretation. The social construction of reality is part and parcel to the process of socialization itself.It is in our socialization process that we learn what to consider real, important, valuable and necessary. A social construct is something that exists not in objective reality, but as a result of human interaction. Paying for a cup of coffee (or anything) The coin only has value because we continue to socially reconstruct it as representing the equivalent value of a cup of coffee. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Social Constructionism or the social construction of reality is a theory of knowledge of sociology and communication that examines the development jointly constructed understanding of the world. ...A social construction or social construct is any institutionalized entity or artifact in a social system "invented" or "constructed" by participants in a particular culture or society that exists because people agree to behave as if it exists or follow certain conventional rules. It exists because humans agree that it exists. 0 0. radish. Also a gunshot (or the coordinated set of gunshots fired by a firing squad) arise from people's actions, and its consequences are as real as any other event capacle of causing mortal wounds, be it "social" or "natural". Stopping at traffic lights when they are red. The constructs very much shape our lives. What is a social construct? The fact that social realities are the result of human actions does not detract from their reality. Some examples of social constructs are countries and money. Well, it is exactly as it sounds. Our behavior depends not on the objective reality of a situation but on our subjective interpretation of reality. Two concepts: Primary Socialization AndSecondary Socialization 7. Examples . Lv 7. You can view samples of ... be products of social interactions or negotiations which are unequal because people do not have equal influence on the social construction of reality. Medical professionals are more able to define what counts as sickness than ordinary people.